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10 of the Prettiest Villages in Cornwall
Explore 10 of the prettiest Villages in Cornwall, England.
Written by Sarah

10 Spooky Places To Visit This Halloween
10 Spooky places to visit at Halloween in England.
Written by Sarah

10 of the Prettiest Villages in Dorset
Explore 10 of the prettiest Villages in Dorset, England.
Written by Sarah

10 of the most Amazing Historic Buildings in Dorset
Visit 10 of the most amazing Historic Buildings in the County of Dorset. Including Castles, Abbey's and Country Houses and Gardens.
Written by Sarah

10 of the Best Family Days out in Dorset
10 of the Best Family Days out in Dorset. Including Castles, Museums and other places to visit across the County of Dorset.
Written by Sarah

10 of the Best Seaside Locations to Visit in England
10 of the best seaside locations to visit in England.
Written by Sarah

10 of the Best Castles to visit in Cornwall
Explore 10 of the best Castles to Visit in Cornwall with this list of the most popular ones to visit along the cornish coast and beyond.
Written by poe

10 of the Best Beaches to Surf in Cornwall
A list of 10 of the best beaches for surfing in Cornwall, England, with pictures.
Written by poe

Tyneham - Dorset's Lost Village
An article about the lost village of Tyneham in the county of Dorset, England.
Written by poe

The Best Sandy Beaches in Dorset
A guide to the Best Sandy Beaches in Dorset.
Written by poe

20 Of The Best Market Towns In England
Exploring some of the most historic and picturesque Market Towns in England.
Written by poe

It's Not Easy Being an Anglophile
It's not easy being an anglophile - An article by Dana Huntley
Written by Dana Huntley

Full Steam Ahead Into The Past
Article about the North Yorks Moors Railway in North Yorkshire
Written by poe

Exploring the English Village Churchyard
The English village churchyard as we know it today bears little resemblance to the churchyards of the 16th and 17th centuries.
Written by Charles Moorhen

Discovering the back roads of England
Discovering the back roads of England, an article at Pictures of England by Cheri Thomas
Written by Cheri Thomas

Walk to Grosmont
Written by Paul Wood

A Visit to Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings
Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings
Written by Sally Birch

Our Trip
Written by Paul Wood

Christmas in Britain
Christmas in Britain
Written by Cheri Thomas

Mam Tor
Written by Paul Wood

Finding Peace Amongst The Ruins
An article about Bolingbroke Castle, Lincolnshire
Written by John Ravenscroft

The Royal Crescent in Bath
Article about the Royal Crescent in Bath and other Georgian Architecture
Written by Cheri Thomas

Katherine who???
An article about Katherine Swynford from Hainault who was the mistress of John of Gaunt who she later married
Written by Cheri Thomas

Did Richard III Kill The Princes in the Tower?
An article looking at Richard III and asking whether he killed the Princes in the Tower or was it someone else
Written by Cheri Thomas

Local Legends - The Basingstoke Burial
The legend and story of Mrs Blunden of Basingstoke who was buried alive, not once but twice at the Chapel of the Holy Ghost in Basingstoke, Hampshire
Written by poe

The Hidden Churches of Somerset
An article exploring the hidden churches of Somerset, by Louise Simmons
Written by Louise Simmons

The Hidden Churches of Oxfordshire
An article and pictures exploring the beautiful churches of Oxfordshire
Written by Louise Simmons

Lancashire Churches
The churches of Lancashire, including Manchester and Liverpool
Written by Louise Simmons

Offa's Dyke
Offa's Dyke is an amazing 129 kilometre earthwork. Twelve miles longer than Hadrian's Wall it is Britain's longest ancient monument.
Written by Dawn Copeman

Ironbridge - a historical heritage
Ironbridge, just five miles from Telford, on the River Severn, has an impressive history that belies its small size and remote location.
Written by Louise Simmons