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Palm Sunday.


a Seaside Town in the county of Norfolk

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"Squirrel raiding the bird feeder"
by Robert Coe
Pictures of Pakenham
21st February 2024.

"20240212 Otterton Curch St Margaret & All Angels"
by Mobscooter
Pictures of Unknown
16th February 2024.

"Bury St Edmunds Abbey Gardens"
by Robert Coe
Pictures of Unknown
9th February 2024.

"Muntjac deer in my garden"
by Robert Coe
Pictures of Unknown
8th February 2024.

"Upper Slait Lodge, Badminton, Gloucestershire 1977"
by Ray Bird
Pictures of Badminton
6th February 2024.

"Rare Breeds - Gloucester Cattle, nr Didmarton, Gloucestershire"
by Ray Bird
Pictures of Didmarton
1st February 2024.

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Stonehenge, with its ancient stones standing in stoic silence, has long been a magnet for conspiracy theories and mysteries. One persistent theory suggests extraterrestrial involvement in its construction, proposing that advanced beings from outer space aided or even built the monument. While lacking scientific support, this idea fuels the imagination with visions of ancient astronauts shaping the stones for an unknown cosmic purpose. Other theories delve into the mystical, proposing Stonehenge as a center for ancient rituals, including claims of druidic ceremonies or connections to the legendary King Arthur. The lack of definitive answers about Stonehenge's purpose adds an air of intrigue, allowing conspiracy theories to persist, adding to the mystique of this enigmatic prehistoric monument.
Created by David Coe

Derwent Dam: A Historic Icon in the Heart of Derbyshire

The location and history of the Derwent Dam in Derbyshire
Created by David Coe

The Native Trees of England: A Botanical Tapestry

Explore some of England's native trees, their history, and their uses. Their diverse characteristics and historical significance, form an integral part of the nation's identity.
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