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Capability Brown

English landscape architect

Capability Brown

About Capability Brown

England's greatest landscape gardener.

Lancelot Brown earned his famous nickname in later life when he would look at the garden surrounding an English country home and describe it to its owners as having "capabilities of improvement" thus the name he was given when he was born at Kirkharle, Northumberland in 1715 often remains lost, and this most cherished of English gardeners continues to be known as "Capability" Brown.

Capability Brown is undoubtedly the most outstanding of all the famous 18th-century landscape designers, which is hardly surprising for unlike the others, Lancelot Brown even as a schoolboy at Cambo School, always intended to become a gardener. He began in humble fashion, serving as a gardener's boy on the estate of Sir William Lorraine. This was followed by a period at Wooton for Sir Richard Greville.

Lancelot Brown had a long association with William Kent, whom he met when he moved to join the gardening team at Stowe, Buckinghamshire. William Kent was designing the grounds of Stowe for Lord Cobham, and Brown worked directly under him. A firm friendship developed which was sealed by Brown's marriage to Kent's daughter.

At Stowe, Brown worked under William Kent's instruction, implementing his designs. He was generously permitted by Lord Cobham, owner of Stowe, to carry out work for others, whilst remaining in his employ. In 1749 Lord Cobham died and Brown judged the time was right to branch out on his own. This he did to resounding success, almost instantly his garden designs were at the forefront of fashion and of a style that earned him the title "Landscape Architect of England". He is probably best recognised for his astounding way with water, the lake at Blenheim Palace is an undoubted masterpiece and the great Serpentine Lake at Hyde Park, although not directly Brown's work is regarded as being influenced by his imaginative designs.

During Brown's illustrious career, he designed gardens for almost every noble house in the land. He was a man of vision, his style was not to improve upon but rather to take down and start again. Thus, he created some of the most romantic and celebrated garden settings of his era, fantasies of trees, lawns, water, bridges, classical temples and statutory, all were used by Brown to startling effect. He was a master of his own art, and later he became head gardener of Hampton Court Palace.

When Lancelot Brown died in 1783, he left behind a magnificent legacy of beautiful gardens and gentle, rolling landscapes surrounding the most elegant of English stately homes. His contribution to the landscape heritage of England is without equal, it is the stuff of legends - the humble gardeners boy who through a mixture of endeavour, talent and grand vision became the greatest English landscape designer ever!

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