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Lavenham, Suffolk
Rydal Water towards the Grasmere Fells

John Byng

A picture of John Byng

About John Byng

Admiral, executed

He was the 4th son of George Byng (Viscount Torrington) In 1727 he was appointed to a frigate and served in the Mediterranean. He was made Rear-admiral in 1745, and went in 1747 to the Mediterranean, where the death of Viscount Medley gave him the chief command. In 1756 he was sent with a poorly equipped squadron to relieve Minorca, at that time blockaded by a French fleet. Off the Castle of St. Philip on the 20th May, he gave the signal to engage the enemy's fleet, almost equal to his own. The van under Rear-admiral West at once bore down on the French ships, but the rear, under Byng, got into some disorder and hardly came within gunshot. The van suffered great loss, and Byng, feeling himself unable to renew the action, sailed away to Gibraltar, and left Minorca to its fate. In England the public was furious, and the ministers ordered Byng to be at once brought home under arrest. Acquitted of cowardice, or disaffection, he was found guilty of neglect of duty, and condemned to death, but recommended to mercy. The king refused to pardon him, and Byng was shot on board the Monarque at Portsmouth, 14th March 1757. To encourage the others - in Voltaire's phrase.

See also entry for his father - George Byng (Viscount Torrington)

Information submitted by Alan Longbottom

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