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George Byng

A picture of George Byng

About George Byng

Admiral George Byng 1st Viscount Torrington

He was born at Wrotham in Kent and at the age of 15 entered the navy, and in 1688,

recommended himself to William of Orange by his zeal in the cause of the Revolution.

He was made Rear-admiral in 1703, and in 1704 captured Gibraltar, and for his gallant conduct at the sea-fight of Malaga, he was knighted by Queen Anne. In 1708 he commanded a squadron fitted out to oppose the invasion by the Pretender. He pursued the French Fleet to the Firth of Forth, took one ship, and forced the rest back to Dunkirk. For his services during the '15 he was created a baronet: and in 1718 he commanded the fleet sent to Sicily, on the 31st July utterly destroying the Spanish fleet off Messina. In 1721 he was created Viscount Torrington.

See also the entry for his 4th son John Byng

Information submitted by Alan Longbottom

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