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Humphry Repton

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About Humphry Repton

Humphry Repton was a gentle soul. He was born in 1752, the son of an Essex career tax collector, and upon completing his education, was expected to follow his father into a commercial world. His tastes were for music, poetry and painting however and all his attempts to prosper in a business career made him unhappy. He did a stint in Ireland as Private Secretary to William Windham, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, and it was while working for Windham that Repton conceived the idea of a career in gardening. He resolved to follow in the path of Capability Brown, and returned to Essex.

He worked tirelessly and steadily built up a reputation for himself. As part of his service he drew on his talents as a painter, preparing for his clients, before and after sketches illustrating his proposals. That he was asked to work on gardens originally laid down by Brown is a tribute to Humphry Repton's skill and artistry as a gardener. West Wycombe Park was just one of his outstanding successes, it has vista's little altered with the passage of time and, the house in its spectacular setting looks out over a panorama of lush trees and water-meadows.

Repton's contemporaries continued to design in the classical style, using temples a huge garden statutory. Repton abandoned this method in favour of a more relaxed and romantic image using fairy-like grottoes, flower-gardens and gravel paths bordered with delicate scented flowers and roses. The gardens at Betchworth House beside the River Mole in Surrey perfectly demonstrate all of Repton's guile and romantic vision.

During his long career for a time he focused on architecture. He built the grand Sheringham Hall in 1812-1818, and his son laid down the surrounding parkland. Repton was also a prolific writer of gardening articles, he wrote for noted periodicals and produced several books on landscaping.

Humphry Repton died in 1818, he lies buried in the peaceful churchyard of St.Michael and All Angels Church, Aylsham, Norfolk. It is believed that he wrote the epitaph inscribed on his grave stone.

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