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in the town of London, in the county of Greater London

About Trafalgar Square

Perhaps the best known square in the world, and the place where pigeons often used to outnumber people. Certainly no pigeons were more photographed than those fluttering around the square, particularly if they chance to be around Nelson's Column. However, the birds were thought to be a blight and are almost gone. The great column with its four lions designed by Victorian painter Landseer, was laid out in memory of Nelson and his famous victories. The column was completed in 1841, quite early in the reign of Queen Victoria, but the fountains did not come until the 20th-century, they were added in 1948.

The square is bounded on all sides by some of the busiest streets of London, it is the junction of The Strand, The Mall, Whitehall and Charing Cross Road. Beside the main attraction which is the square's centre, it is surrounded by some of London's finest buildings. The National Gallery is situated on the north side of Trafalgar Square, this was designed by William Wilkins, it was completed in 1837 and opened in 1838. The square is part of the essence of cultural London with an unparalleled number of museums and galleries showing some of the greatest art treasures in the land.

Statues in the square include Charles I, this was originally cast in bronze in 1633 since then it has had a somewhat chequered history, most latterly it was moved to Mentmore in Buckinghamshire for the duration of World War II, and was replaced in 1947. The statue of James II is usually regarded as one of the finest in London, it was made by Grinling Gibbons, showing the King in the costume of a Roman.

Trafalgar Square frequently host the nation's celebratory events. In recent times it has been the scene of triumph for the British Rugby World Cup win, and for the English Cricket Team's victory over Australia when they home the famous ashes. On both occasions hundreds packed the square to welcome home our hero's.

Each Christmas a giant Christmas Tree is lit in Trafalgar Square, this is in the gift of the people of Norway to the people of London, it is a lasting tradition of thanks by the Norwegians for support during World War II. The tree remains illuminated until the end of the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas.

On New Year's Eve revellers cram into the square for the traditional chiming of Big Ben which heralds the dawning of the turn of the year. This is a time of great merriment, when some of the crowd get a traditional soaking under the fountain.

Trafalgar Square continues to be one of London's most visited places, it draws millions of tourists each year who are attracted not just by its famous statues, buildings and fountains, but for its special atmosphere. It has seen many famous people, given a stage for great events. Trafalgar Square is part of the heart-beat of our proud heritage, long may it continue to be so.

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