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Baker Street, Greater London


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Battersea, Greater London


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Bayswater, Greater London


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Blackheath, Greater London

The heath has witnessed some momentous moments in British history, it was here that poor Anne of Cleeves tarried on her way to London - unfortunately for her, she impressed the.....

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Bloomsbury, Greater London


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Camden Town, Greater London

Camden town is a vibrant cosmopolitan region of London...

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Chelsea, Greater London

Chelsea is a district in London which in recent times gained fame as the 'home' of the 'swinging sixties' . The swinging sixties was defined on the Kings Road, which runs the length of the area and both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones lived here at one time...

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Chiswick, Greater London

Chiswick was the home and the haunt of prosperous and fashionable folk in the romantic, heady days of the 17th and 18th-centuries...

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Downe, Greater London

In common with most of this region the history of Downe reaches down the centuries to the days of the Romans and William the Conqueror...

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Ealing, Greater London

Ealing is a thriving place which is now hugely cosmopolitan and has a wide range of multi-cultural offerings...

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Earl's Court, Greater London

Earl's Court is an area of London and home to Earl's Court Exhibition Centre, one of the countries largest indoor arenas and a popular venue for concerts...

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Eltham, Greater London

The attractive suburb of Eltham is part of the urban sprawl of Greater London...

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Fulham, Greater London

It is the home to both Fulham Football Club and Chelsea, both play at Premiership level, thus some of the football's most talented and highly paid stars can often be spotted strolling along Fulham's streets...

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Greenwich, Greater London

The might of british sea-power and the historic town of Greenwich are inseparable. Two famous English sea-faring vessels are here, one is the Cutty Sark, a famous old clipper that shipped tea from China in the 19th-century, and the other, from the 20th-century is Gypsy Moth 1V, sailed round the world by Sir Francis Chichester...

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Hammersmith, Greater London

Hammersmith developed around the River Thames, which is crossed via a graceful suspension bridge designed by Sir Joseph Bazalgette...

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Harefield, Greater London

Harefield is a village in Greater London, famous for its hospital where pioneering heart surgery techniques were developed. The church cemetery at St. Mary the Virgin contains the.....

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Kensington, Greater London

The attractive Royal borough of Kensington has many special places. Most prominent is Kensington Palace, birthplace of Queen Victoria...

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Kew, Greater London

Kew is just downstream from the delights of Richmond, and is best known for the Royal Botanic Gardens, or as they are more popularly known 'Kew Gardens'...

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London, Greater London

London is one of the World's most exciting, cultural destinations where visitors can walk with history whilst enjoying all that is best of modern day facilities, shops, theatres.....

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Marylebone, Greater London

Marylebone is one of London's more affluent area's, it is home mostly to the well to do, and yet only a couple of centuries ago a large workhouse was built here to give shelter to the poor and homeless, often foundlings were discovered on the workhouse doorstep...

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