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Fiddleford, Dorset
Wateredge 2 Ambleside
Bicton rainbow

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Hanbury Street, Whitechapel, London
A picture of Whitechapel in the county of Greater London
Submitted on 3rd April 2005
Victoria Square, Birmingham
A picture of Birmingham in the county of West Midlands
Submitted on 3rd April 2005
Avebury, Wiltshire
A picture of Avebury Ring in the town of Avebury, in the county of Wiltshire
Submitted on 3rd April 2005
Lydford Castle, Lydford, Devon
A picture of Lydford Castle in the town of Lydford, in the county of Devon
Submitted on 3rd April 2005
Ludlow Castle, Shropshire
A picture of Ludlow in the county of Shropshire
Submitted on 3rd April 2005