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View of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Clifton, Bristol, Somerset. Summer 2004


a Historic City in the county of Somerset

Recommended Towns & Villages near Codford St Mary

River Nadder flowing through Tisbury

Tisbury (98 Pictures)

in the county of Wiltshire (6.5 miles, 10.5 km, direction S)

Tisbury is a picturesque village set amidst delightful Wiltshire countryside where you will find friendly villagers and a calm, peaceful atmosphere...

Fovant Badges, Wiltshire

Fovant (5 Pictures)

in the county of Wiltshire (6.9 miles, 11.1 km, direction S)

Fovant is most noted for its dramatic hillside where huge regimental badges are carved into the chalk downs and clearly seen from the road...

Heavens Pearly Gates?

Warminster (117 Pictures)

in the county of Wiltshire (6.9 miles, 11.2 km, direction NW)

This is a former wool and corn town with a fascinating history stretching back to Saxon times. It sits comfortably beneath the chalk downland of the Salisbury Plain at the head of the beautiful Wyle Valley...

East Knoyle Mill, East Knoyle, Wiltshire.

East Knoyle (9 Pictures)

in the county of Wiltshire (8.0 miles, 12.9 km, direction SW)

East Knoyle is situated where the Wiltshire countryside blends into Dorset. The landscape is quite stunning, it has a dramatically changing face of sweeping pastures and hillsides...

This view shows the side of St Mary and St Nicholas Church, Wilton, Wiltshire, England

Wilton (14 Pictures)

in the county of Wiltshire (9.2 miles, 14.7 km, direction SE)

Wilton was once a county town, it has also been a bishopric, a Royal residence and is one of the oldest boroughs in England...

St Mary and St Melor Abbey Church, Amesbury

Amesbury (78 Pictures)

in the county of Wiltshire (11.5 miles, 18.6 km, direction E)

Amesbury is a town near to stonehenge and is one of Wiltshire's most attractive little towns...

Salisbury, Wiltshire

Salisbury (276 Pictures)

a Historic City in the county of Wiltshire (12.3 miles, 19.8 km, direction SE)

The soaring grace of Salisbury Cathedral's slender spire rises majestically over the town. Higher than any other in the land, at 404 feet, the spire can be seen against the.....

Gold Hill

Shaftesbury (95 Pictures)

a Historic Market Town in the county of Dorset (12.4 miles, 20.0 km, direction SW)

Shaftsbury is Dorset's only hill-top town, with its long history and good views it is particularly attractive to tourists...

Stourton in Wiltshire

Stourton (90 Pictures)

in the county of Wiltshire (12.5 miles, 20.1 km, direction W)

Stourton is noted for the church dedicated to St. Peter where you can see many memorials to the famous Hoare banking family and for the house which was the families ancestral home...

Old brick farm building on staddle stones in Gillingham, Dorset

Gillingham (6 Pictures)

a Historic Market Town in the county of Dorset (13.1 miles, 21.1 km, direction SW)


Trowbridge Town Hall, Wiltshire

Trowbridge (148 Pictures)

a Historic Market Town in the county of Wiltshire (13.5 miles, 21.7 km, direction NW)

Trowbridge is a historic town crammed with attractive stone buildings. It originated as a settlement along the Biss and flourished from the wool and weaving trades and from these periods there remain many magnificent merchant houses...

Caen Hill Lock Flight, Devizes, Wilsthire. Summer 2004

Devizes (111 Pictures)

a Historic Market Town in the county of Wiltshire (13.6 miles, 21.8 km, direction N)

Devizes is a small market town situate on the edge of the great expanse of Salisbury Plain...

Riverside View

Bradford-on-Avon (176 Pictures)

in the county of Wiltshire (16.0 miles, 25.7 km, direction NW)

Beautiful old town with a rich mixture of mellow Bath stone properties to be seen along ancient winding streets...

Downton Cuckoo Fair - Cuckoo Princess

Downton (4 Pictures)

in the county of Wiltshire (16.8 miles, 27.1 km, direction SE)

It is one of Wiltshire's loveliest villages, with the River Avon forming a division between the ancient village and the new...


Breamore (20 Pictures)

in the county of Hampshire (17.7 miles, 28.4 km, direction SE)

Breamore is one of those beautiful New Forest villages which is populated almost entirely by houses of the Tudor period...

Film making at Lacock, Wiltshire

Lacock (150 Pictures)

a Picturesque Village in the county of Wiltshire (18.1 miles, 29.1 km, direction N)

Gatherings of graceful medieval houses line the streets of Lacock..

Reybridge, Wiltshire. Taken during the summer months of 2004

Reybridge (6 Pictures)

in the county of Wiltshire (18.5 miles, 29.7 km, direction N)


Sturminster Newton in Dorset

Sturminster Newton (40 Pictures)

a Historic Market Town in the county of Dorset (19.6 miles, 31.5 km, direction SW)

A small attractive Market Town in Dorset...

Pub Photo - Waggon & Horses, Wiltshire

Beckhampton (8 Pictures)

in the county of Wiltshire (19.8 miles, 31.9 km, direction N)

This delightful hamlet lies in one of the richest natural history area's in England, containing the burial places of people from pre-history and almost unknown centuries...

Stour Valley Winter, Shillingstone.

Shillingstone (463 Pictures)

a Picturesque Village in the county of Dorset (20.0 miles, 32.2 km, direction SW)

A picturesque village in the county of Dorset..

Recommended attractions near Codford St Mary

Fovant Badges, Wiltshire.  - Taken from the air in July 2006

Fovant Badges (6 Pictures)

(7.5 miles, 12.0 km, direction S)


Westbury White Horse

Bratton Camp & White Horse (4 Pictures)

(8.7 miles, 13.9 km, direction NW)


A picture of Stonehenge

Stonehenge (173 Pictures)

(9.0 miles, 14.4 km, direction E)

Stonehenge is one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world and one of England's most iconic landmarks, consisting.....

Wilton House, Salisbury

Wilton House (19 Pictures)

(9.7 miles, 15.5 km, direction SE)


On the platform.

Longleat House & Safari Park (170 Pictures)

(10.6 miles, 17.1 km, direction W)

On entering the great grounds of Longleat House through the entrance known as "Heaven's Gate" visitors are immediately struck by.....

Mompesson House, Salisbury, Wiltshire

Mompesson House (2 Pictures)

(12.3 miles, 19.7 km, direction SE)

Elegant and spacious 18th-century house in the Cathedral Close...

A picture of Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral (223 Pictures)

(12.3 miles, 19.8 km, direction SE)

Salisbury Cathedral's graceful spire rises to an elegant 404 feet, it is the tallest cathedral spire in England, and can be seen.....

Stourhead frozen lake sunset

Stourhead (94 Pictures)

(12.7 miles, 20.4 km, direction W)

Designed by Henry Hoare II, Stourhead is one of England's most picturesque landscape gardens with classic temples and palladian.....

Nunney Castle, Somerset

Nunney Castle (8 Pictures)

(15.2 miles, 24.5 km, direction W)

A tradition exists that Nunney Castle's sole pig was subject to daily torture when the castle came under siege in 1645 during the.....

Farleigh Hungerford Castle

Farleigh Hungerford Castle (24 Pictures)

(15.6 miles, 25.1 km, direction NW)

In 1383, the then Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Thomas Hungerford had to be pardoned for building Farleigh Hungerford.....

Breamore House, at Breamore, Hampshire

Breamore House (7 Pictures)

(17.0 miles, 27.4 km, direction SE)


Cistery at Lacock Abbey

Lacock Abbey (97 Pictures)

(18.3 miles, 29.4 km, direction N)

Lacock is one of the most beautiful villages in England, with houses dating from the 15th-century to the 18th-century. At the.....

The public walkway alongside the golf course at Bowood Estate, Nr. Chippenham, Wiltshire

Bowood House & Gardens (12 Pictures)

(18.8 miles, 30.3 km, direction N)


Prior Park, Bath 2005

Prior Park (18 Pictures)

(19.5 miles, 31.4 km, direction NW)

Capability Brown had a hand in establishing the stunning landscape of Prior Park. His services, together with the advice of.....

Ludgershall Castle, Wiltshire

Ludgershall Castle (10 Pictures)

(19.7 miles, 31.7 km, direction E)

Romantic, ruined motte and bailey castle, with building works in stone. Parts of the castle date to the 12th-century, it was.....

Silbury Hill - ancient burial ground

Silbury Hill (20 Pictures)

(20.0 miles, 32.3 km, direction NE)

There are many fanciful theories about Silbury Hill, the massive conical hill described as the highest artificial mound in.....

Avebury Ring, Wiltshire

Avebury Ring (61 Pictures)

(20.5 miles, 32.9 km, direction NE)

This is the largest and one of the most spectacular stone circles in the world, it certainly eclipses Stonehenge, for not only is.....

Side view of the Bath Abbey.

Bath Abbey (153 Pictures)

(20.6 miles, 33.2 km, direction NW)

Bath Abbey is a beautiful building. The building is sited on the remains of a Norman Cathedral which itself replaced an 8th.....

A picture of Sally Lunns

Sally Lunns (9 Pictures)

(20.7 miles, 33.4 km, direction NW)

A one minute stroll from Bath Abbey you will find the oldest house in Bath - Sally Lunn's. Sally Lunn was a young french refugee.....

Entrance to Avebury Manor, Wiltshire

Avebury Manor & Garden (12 Pictures)

(20.8 miles, 33.5 km, direction N)

Avebury Manor is a 16th century manor house built on the site of an old monastery. The rich interior of the house shows original.....

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