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A picture of Ayr


in the county of South Ayrshire



in the county of Glamorgan

The most southerly cafe, Lizard point, Cornwall.


in the county of Cornwall

Pictures of Silbury Hill

in the town of Avebury, in the county of Wiltshire

About Silbury Hill

There are many fanciful theories about Silbury Hill, the massive conical hill described as the highest artificial mound in Europe. Built on a grand scale, amid the Wiltshire planes close to Marlborough, the hill has defied the speculation of centuries for it covers more ground than the Egyptian Pyramids, and yet, in spite of modern archaeological methods, unlike the Pyramids, the reason for its existence is yet to be uncovered.

One theory is that the devil made it and buried beneath it is one of his victims-a warrior, clad in gold armour, mounted on his horse! This is a delightful fantasy but the mound measures 130ft high and covers 5.1/2 acres, an awful lot of space for just one warrior. Another theory is that it was a massive burial ground built on the orders of a chieftain from the Neolithic period. At first this seemed quite likely but investigations proved fruitless, no human remains, nor evidence of any grave or tomb was discovered.

The fact that it may have been intended as a large sun dial or astronomical observatory has never been disproved either, for some say it may at one time have had a massive pole at the summit, thus allowing people in the fields below to read the time of day. What ever you choose to believe, the enigma of Silbury Hill continues to this day. It attracts countless visitors, who leave as they arrived-in a complete state of puzzlement.

Silbury Hill lies in lovely countryside, close to Beckhampton and Avebury. In the area you can see the famous chalk White Horse, stone circles, West Kennett Long Barrow, Avebury Museum and Avebury Manor owned by the National Trust. The whole area is rich with history making it a fascinating destination for a quiet weekend to enjoy the sights and sounds of the countryside and take in the pleasures of historic Marlborough.

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Manor House Garden

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Marlborough, Wiltshire

Marlborough (11 Pictures)

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Dramatic chalk downs extend from Berkshire into rural Wiltshire, they are particularly rich in pre-historic remains and shelter a wealth of charming market towns and pretty.....

Down to Lacock Ford, Lacock, Wiltshire. Autumn 2004

Lacock (150 Pictures)

a Picturesque Village in the county of Wiltshire

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Gatherings of graceful medieval houses line the streets of Lacock..


Malmesbury (157 Pictures)

a Historic Market Town in the county of Wiltshire

(15.6 miles, 25.2 km, direction NW)

The town stakes its claim to be the oldest borough in England on the fact that it was granted a charter in the year 924 by King Edward..

April Cottage, Castle Combe, Wiltshire 2013

Castle Combe (203 Pictures)

a Picturesque Village in the county of Wiltshire

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Tucked away in the Cotswolds, Castle Combe is a quintessential English village with honey-colored stone houses, a medieval market cross, and a peaceful ambiance. It's an idyllic destination for a relaxing countryside getaway...

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Avebury Ring, Wiltshire

Avebury Ring (61 Pictures)

(0.7 miles, 1.2 km)

This is the largest and one of the most spectacular stone circles in the world, it certainly eclipses Stonehenge, for not only is.....

Entrance to Avebury Manor, Wiltshire

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The public walkway alongside the golf course at Bowood Estate, Nr. Chippenham, Wiltshire

Bowood House & Gardens (12 Pictures)

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A picture of Crofton Beam Engines

Crofton Beam Engines (2 Pictures)

(10.9 miles, 17.5 km, direction E)


Cistery at Lacock Abbey

Lacock Abbey (97 Pictures)

(11.4 miles, 18.3 km, direction W)

Lacock is one of the most beautiful villages in England, with houses dating from the 15th-century to the 18th-century. At the.....

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