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(0.4 miles, 0.6 km)

The might of british sea-power and the historic town of Greenwich are inseparable. Two famous English sea-faring vessels are here, one is the Cutty Sark, a famous old clipper that shipped tea from China in the 19th-century, and the other, from the 20th-century is Gypsy Moth 1V, sailed round the world by Sir Francis Chichester...

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Severndroog Castle, Eltham


(2.9 miles, 4.7 km, direction SE)

The attractive suburb of Eltham is part of the urban sprawl of Greater London...

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Methodist Central Hall Westminster


(5.8 miles, 9.4 km, direction W)

London is one of the World's most exciting, cultural destinations where visitors can walk with history whilst enjoying all that is best of modern day facilities, shops, theatres.....

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(6.0 miles, 9.6 km, direction W)

Of all the jewels in the City of Westminster, none shines more brightly than Westminster Abbey, stunning setting for the coronation of almost every English monarch since William the Conqueror was crowned there in 1066...

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St. Pancras, London

St Pancras

(6.3 miles, 10.2 km, direction NW)

The name of the area is taken from the boy martyred in AD 304. Pancras was the orphaned Christian son of a Phrygian nobleman who was brought up at the court of the Emperor in Rome...

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The Duke


(6.4 miles, 10.3 km, direction W)

One of the Capital's most noted places, Piccadilly sweeps uphill with handsome houses on one side and Green Park on the other...

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Snow Lady

Stoke Newington

(6.6 miles, 10.7 km, direction NW)

Stoke Newington offers visitors a diverse cultural experience, it has restaurants of all types of cuisine, plenty of pubs, clubs, shops and markets, and is sufficiently close to all the historic attractions at the heart of the City of London...

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Annabels, 44 Berkeley Sq., Mayfair


(6.8 miles, 10.9 km, direction W)

Mayfair has it all, it is the haunt of the rich and famous, with elegant houses and apartment buildings that are the sole province of the wealthy...

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The Weavers Arms

Stamford Hill

(7.0 miles, 11.3 km, direction NW)

Stamford Hill lies in the north of the London Borough of Hackney. It is a popular residential area, and home to one of Europes' largest Orthodox Jewish communities...

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London - Marylebone, Paddington Place, Sept 2002


(7.0 miles, 11.3 km, direction W)

Marylebone is one of London's more affluent area's, it is home mostly to the well to do, and yet only a couple of centuries ago a large workhouse was built here to give shelter to the poor and homeless, often foundlings were discovered on the workhouse doorstep...

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Recommended attractions near Greenwich Park

Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory, Greenwich

(0.2 miles, 0.3 km)

The Royal Observatory was constructed by Sir Christopher Wren following the appointment of John Flamsteed as Royal Astronomer in.....

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Greenwich; The National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum

(0.3 miles, 0.4 km)

This museum is one of the most important of all the British museums, for it is a unique celebration of the history of the British.....

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Royal Naval College from The Water Gate, Greenwich

Old Royal Naval College

(0.5 miles, 0.9 km)


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The Cutty Sark Museum Ship, London

Cutty Sark Museum Ship

(0.5 miles, 0.9 km)

The Cutty Sark is the only surviving extreme clipper in the world. She now sits in dry dock and is one of the great sights of.....

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Canary Wharf, London

Canary Wharf

(2.1 miles, 3.3 km, direction NW)

This is London's newest and brightest business district. It offers luxurious office buildings with up to the minute facilities,.....

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Beautiful view

Peckham Rye

(2.8 miles, 4.5 km, direction SW)

It was on the Peckham Rye in the 1760s that William Blake claimed to have seen visions, including one of "a tree filled with.....

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Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace

(3.0 miles, 4.8 km, direction SE)

Once a favoured medieval palace and then a Tudor royal residence, Eltham Palace was transformed into a striking Art Deco mansion.....

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A picture of Three Mills

Three Mills

(3.4 miles, 5.4 km, direction N)

A fascinating group of historic industrial buildings which include the House Mill, the largest tidal mill left standing in.....

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Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

(3.8 miles, 6.1 km, direction NW)

London Tower Bridge was completed in 1894. It is a beautiful piece of Victorian engineering and is one of the many symbols of.....

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City Hall near Tower Bridge, London June 2009

City Hall, London

(3.9 miles, 6.3 km, direction NW)

Little gasps go up at the sight of the great rounded glass building on the south bank of the River Thames. Whether this is.....

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