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Getting Started - Please Read First!

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Getting Started

Please read the below useful information about using the forums.

First Time Users

Register first! - To use the forums you need to quickly register with the site by clicking here. It's well worth it and gives you access to all the other wonderful features of the site.

Forum rules - You'll find our forum rules here. Pretty basic stuff - Be nice to other members. Don't post copyright material from other sites. Don't post the same topic/questions in multiple forums, and always check a topic hasn't already been covered before you start a new thread.
User Introductions - First time users please visit our 'User Introductions' forum here and say hello (by starting a thread), telling us a bit about yourself. It's not necessary, but appreciated.

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When making a post, you'll notice at the bottom of the text form there is a toolbar allowing you to do some basic text formatiing, add links, add smiley's etc. The last button on the right is the 'Preview' button. Please use it to preview your post before you post it. The preview will open in a new window. Simply close the window when you've finished with it and you're happy with your post.

Adding Images To Your Posts

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Post In The Relevant Section
We have created many forums covering just about everything. You'll find a forum for General England Chat, a forum for Off-Topic chat, forums to discuss pictures on the site, photography equipment, travel planning, genealogy and so on. PLEASE make sure you post in the relevant forum. For instance, if you want to start a thread about favourite movies or knitting, don't start it in the 'General England Chat' - it will be deleted. Post anything off-topic in the Off-Topic forum!
However, if you want to chat about something specific to the country of England, please use 'General England Chat' IF there is no other forum more specific to the topic. Anything related to the pictures on the site, please post in 'Picture Chat'.

Seperate Town & Attraction Specific Forums
If you want to start a topic on a specific town or attraction, please go to the relevant page on the site by using the main site search or typing in the direct url (see below url format).
The URL format is:*townname*/forum
e.g. - or

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Light Green = Highly interesting threads that warrant being at the top of the list. A thread with a light green background is known as a 'sticky' and will always appear above normal threads in the list. Sticky threads are usually chosen because of their interesting or useful content.

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You can also use the text editors 'insert/edit link' tool which is greyed out UNTIL you highlight the text you want to turn into a hyperlink.


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We'd love to know what you think of the forum, and how you think we could improve it.

England Accommodation Forum

If you are looking for hotels and accommodation, please visit the England Accommodation forum where you'll find some great deals to book online. Booking through the website also helps support the site. Thank you for using us.


Many thanks for reading. Please enjoy the new forums!

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