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The much-loved Pictures of England website has been promoting England for over 20 years now, sharing the beauty and the history of our country with millions of people from all over the world, giving them joy through the pictures and information we and our members share of all the picturesque villages, historic market towns, and special attractions unique to England that everyone enjoys seeing and learning about. The site was started in 2000 by Chris & Sarah Plows, who still run it today, however this year has been incredibly challenging due to the pandemic causing a drop in crucial revenue that the site relies on to survive, which comes from hotels and booking agents, some of the worst affected businesses. Therefore if you can afford to donate and help us keep our beloved site online, please do, as we believe that with the new vaccine currently rolling out, that if we can make it through to the spring things should start to turn around as revenue returns to hopefully pre-pandemic levels. Thank you so much for your kindness and support in helping us keep the Pictures of England website going.

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