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Water for the Birds

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Sue H
Sue H
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quotePosted at 23:24 on 20th August 2012
On 20th August 2012 18:26, cathyml wrote:
I was told off in no uncertain terms by an African headmistress complaining about people who put out food for the birds - then they moved and the next people didn't put out food!  The birds starved as they had never had to fend for themselves!!  I have never fed the birds since, but I do keep the bird bath filled up for them!  And this winter it has frozen over a number of days, but melts quickly once the sun is up!

Normally birds don't eat handouts exclusivly, just using it to bolster what they find in the wild; so your report of birds starving surprises me, Cathy. 

I only feed birds in the winter myself, but know of others who feed year round.  

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