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I'm new and I have roots in Peasmarsh.

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Joined: 1st Jul 2018
quotePosted at 10:21 on 1st July 2018

My ID name is my birth name and I'm trying to find out where my family originated. I didn't meet my father till I was 23 but he died when I was  25. I stayed in touch with my uncle (his brother) till he passed away a few months ago.  My uncle wanted very much to trace the family history on the Easton side, but I'm not a geneologist so we didn't get very far. My daughter and son, though, believe they've found records tracing us back to the 1600's in Peasmarsh, East Sussex. My Easton ancestors came to the US in the early to mid 1800's and settled in Oregon in the upper McKenzie River area. This is why I joined. Just to maybe learn interesting information to add to what we already know. Ever since I was a child I've loved my surname Easton and even through marriages I've chosen to keep that as my last name. Then when I met my father's side of the family, I found that my uncle was saving whatever he could about the family, back as far as he could trace. I really wish I had gotten this far while he was still alive. But everything happens as it should, so I guess that wasn't to be while he was still here.

 I look forward to getting acquainted here and I'm sure it will be very interesting and enjoyable, whether I uncover my Easton ancestry in more detail or not. 

I'm now a great-grandmother of 72 and retired, so I have lots of time in which to participate in conversations and learn new things.

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Denis Sharp
Denis Sharp
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quotePosted at 16:17 on 1st July 2018
Welcome Ellen, hope you manage to get connected with someone from that area of Sussex :)
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Paul HiltonPremier Member - Click for more info
Paul Hilton
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quotePosted at 13:13 on 30th July 2018

hi Ellen. Many years ago upto more recent times, I used to live a short distance away from Peasmarsh, at Playden, a short distance along the road to Rye. Peasmarsh is still a small place north of Rye. it's most famous resident who lives on the outskirts of the village since the 70s, is Paul McCartney when he bought a farm nearby when he was married to Linda, who used to take her kids shopping at a small grocery store in Peasmarsh. 

Do you have any forenames to go with the Easton name back those years?   

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Peggy CannellPremier Member - Click for more info
Peggy Cannell
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quotePosted at 17:50 on 13th October 2018
Hi Ellen welcome to Poe,  Paul is very good at seeking out information about ones ancestors so you are in good hands! Best wishes to you and enjoy the site.
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