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Wrong exposure

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Paul JohnsonPremier Member - Click for more info
Paul Johnson
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Joined: 12th Aug 2018
Location: UK
quotePosted at 18:48 on 10th September 2018
I am fairly new to POE and have been looking through others photographs.. I cannot understand why so many are posting images that are grossly wrongly exposed. Nobody minds a shot which is not quite right but when you can only barely make out what the picture is about it is very frustrating.There are so many excellent shots and these exposure faults are degrading the site.
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Edward LeverPremier Member - Click for more info
Edward Lever
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quotePosted at 23:32 on 10th September 2018

A casual trawl through the huge range of images on PoE shows there is indeed a huge variation in technical quality. This doesnt surprise me, since PoE  is not a 'photographic expert' site but rather a collection of images showing the many faces of England (and now also the wider UK) as interpreted by its contributors.

I don't think anyone deliberately posts bad images, but each of us has our own perception of what is acceptable. People operate at different skill levels and have different cameras at their disposal. Many excellent pictures have been taken with modest point-and-shoot cameras. Conversely, having a top-of-the-range camera doesn't guarantee a good picture, in the same way as cooking with an expensive set of saucepans doesn't guarantee a good meal.

Exposure can be tricky in some shots (especially with whited-out skies or backlighting) and leaving the camera on auto exposure can result in a gloomy image. Hopefully people learn to correct for these conditions, but it is a learning process and getting to know the camera settings. Perhaps a helpful comment would be in order on shots like these. Photographic skills, like many others, are something to be nurtured over time and this is all part of the learning curve.  

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Rod BurkeyPremier Member - Click for more info
Rod Burkey
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quotePosted at 14:59 on 16th September 2018
I really do think that anyone can tell if a picture is in focus or exposed correctly. When I was last looking at POE on a regular basis, I got the impression that some were just adding their pictures in large batches. It would be so much better if each image was looked at subjectively before adding to this site, which after all has intentions of promoting the reality of our country. 
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