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English car abandoned at home (France)

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Joined: 2nd Jul 2018
quotePosted at 20:55 on 2nd July 2018

Hello everyone I allow myself to come on the first English forum that I find the police at home do not do anything, and I wondered if yours just might not want to learn about this car I have for almost 2 months a car of English Seat Ibiza Gray left abandoned at home I'm afraid his owner had a problem or that it's a stolen car Would someone be kind enough to inform you about your service? I leave you the plate: KN-56 RZV thank you very much
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Julie Smith
Julie Smith
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quotePosted at 12:08 on 9th July 2018
I have checked this car on our English database and it has current MOT certificate until - 4th October 2018 and also has vehicle road fund licence (Road Tax) until 1st April 2019. The car is shown as uninsured on the UK database but could be insured in France. The car is NOT reported as stolen.
Therefore, it is probably legal and not abandoned. Generally, the UK police (as in France, I presume) will not act unless the car is on the road illegally, i.e. untaxed, uninsured, parked precariously or causing an obstruction. If the manner in which the vehicle is parked is causing inconvenience to the homeowner (which should be yourself. Third party complaints will not be accepted as a rule) then take a photo and present it to your Police, they should then contact UK police to trace the owner and get the car moved. If the vehicle isn't insured the police may remove it anyway but I'm not familiar with French procedures.  

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