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Photo Request: Dora's Field, and Cotswold Lion

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quotePosted at 12:17 on 1st April 2019

As I'm adding info to the site there are sometimes occassions where we are short of images of a particular place or subject. One such place is 'Dora's field' in Cumbria, which is a field once owned by William Wordsworth, and soon after his daughter passed away, William along with his wife and their gardener, planted hundreds of daffodils in the field in her memory, hence the name Dora's field. Not sure if anyone has a photo or two they could upload but it would be appreciated.

Also, in the Cotswolds, there is a famous breed of sheep synonymous with the area and named 'the Cotswold Lion'. I am fairly certain we don't have a picture of this, so would appreciate any forthcoming if possible. Thank you.


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