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Reconstituted village

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Axel Levecq
Axel Levecq
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quotePosted at 16:53 on 19th December 2019
Good morning, everybody,

I am looking for "reconstituted" villages (a kind of open-air museum where we moved threatened houses").
There’s one near Cardiff, I think, but I don’t know where exactly.

For those who know, or are interested by this kind of village ,

In Copenhagen in the city centre ... on an island ....
In France at the Alsace ecomuseum 
In Holland at the Arnhem ecomuseum
In Belgium at the Bokrijk ecomuseum

Thank you all for your help

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Shawn Turczynski
Shawn  Turczynski
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quotePosted at 20:50 on 26th January 2020
I am trying to get pictures of Abbey View the home - I lived there from 1972-1977.   Loved the place.   
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