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View of Westminster Abbey
Stock Ghyll 4-10-13
The Octagon, Budleigh Salterton, 16th September 2009
StatueA Touch of the AutumnalsOrford Quay, SuffolkStamfordSt Benets Abbey gatehouse at dawnFells Around Buttermere

Today is the hottest June day in England for 41 years!

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poePremier Member - Click for more info
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quotePosted at 18:56 on 21st June 2017

It's official -  A temperature has been recorded today at heathrow of 34.5c (94F) making it the hottest day since 1976 when it rose to 96F. 

2 electric fans on me and I'm still dripping sweat. It seems the only way to escape this heat is by standing in a cool shower. How is everyone else coping? Us brits are just not used to it! Cry





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Rod BurkeyPremier Member - Click for more info
Rod Burkey
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quotePosted at 15:47 on 26th June 2017

We were in a Spain! As our 'plane reduced altitude on the return flight last Friday,  we descended through dark clouds into Liverpool. No cold shower required. 

 Time to get cracking with the camera again.  

Edited by: Rod Burkey at:26th June 2017 15:48
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