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Put your best foot forward
Kirkstone Pass, Cumbria. Brotherswater is in the distance.
Rushden Hall Park

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Robert E. Speicher

About Me

Hello; I'm usually called Bob. I was born in Thetford, Norfolk in January, 1946. My father was a radio mechanic stationed in the area during WWII. My mother was from Thetford. My mother use to tell me how beautiful England is. I was in the U.S. Air Force for twenty years and I kept putting in for assignments to England. I ended up being stationed in West Germany, and what would the odds be that both times my unit would not grant me leave long enough to visit England. I finally made my first trip to England in 1988. I did this to finally get to meet my maternal grandfather, before it was too late. The two weeks I spent in Margate, Kent were really nice. My Aunt was worried that I would be bored. Not one minute wad boring. The most wonderful thing I enjoyed was the "quietness" of Margate. I would wake in the morning to the sound of gulls. At home in New York State, I awoke to the sound of cars and trucks "racing" to work. I am a history buff and because I was raised in America from 1947, I was "learned" in history of mostly the U.S. I know world history, but to actually stand on the actual spot where Thomas Beckett was killed really made me feel awed. I was asked by my Aunt if there was any special place I wanted to see. I wanted to visit an old fashion pub. Well we arrived at the back, to park. I had my first taste of "bitters" and the name fits to a "T." When we left, we passed by the front entrance, and I saw that the pub was established in 1272. I thought "wow", 700 years! I then wondered how much beer passed through there, the number of "wobbly" legged heading for home. I read all the magazines about England, with a strong interest in photography. I think England is the most beautiful land I have ever seen. I've been to Thailand, Brazil, and Germany, spent time in Hawaii. America has some very pretty places too. But England seems to make feel a little homesick. I keep trying to get my wife to travel to England, but she just doesn't want to travel outside of the country. I'm looking forward to viewing the pictures, and I hope to one day add some made by me. One final thought. Does anyone know or have a photo of the hospital in Thetford?