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England Pictures

Hothersall Lane
Harbour-masters House
The first Goslings of the year in Watermead Country Park

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About Me

I live in the suburbs of New York with my two adorable kitties, Gizzy and Samson. I am a self-confessed Beatlemaniac and Anglophile. I think the UK is great and would love one day to visit. One of my (many) dreams is to move to Colorado because I've always been attracted to "cowboy culture" and the moutains, and I would also love to have a summer home in the English countryside. Even though I've never been to England, I'm fascinated by the people and culture, and absolutely LOVE the accents!

I do clerical work for a freight auditing company that I've been with for nearly sixteen years. My passions are music (listening mostly--although I've had a life-long dream to be a musician, but lack of motivation and other factors leave the dream unfulfilled), writing (poems, lyrics, fan fic, journaling, etc), photography (just my point-and-shoot digital taking pix of my kitties and the surrounding area) and (at rare times), pen and ink drawings of mostly animals.

In closing, I just wanted to add that I'd love to make friends from all over the world that share my love and interest for all things English! :)

Update: I am adding this update (rather than re-writing my whole profile) because my desires have changed. I've decided that I would like to live in England (possibly around the Lancashire County area) and have a summer home in Colorado. The past year has been a personally difficult one and I feel I need to start my life fresh in a brand new place with new experiences and new people. I've been in the US and the NYC area all of my life, but I know there is much more to life than what I've been exposed to and I've decided I'd like to experience that by living in a country I regard just as highly as my own. Now if I could only figure out how to get there.... ;-)