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Blyth Harbour, Northumberland


in the county of Northumberland

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Photo of Penuwch by: Brenda Skinner

On the B4577 near Penuwch in Wales.
"I'm surprised those are still there. I must have been... what... 9 years old when I helped make that horse. It is downright hilarious that those are all Penuwch is even known for these days. Even the old primary school is gone. There is something called "The Hungry Ram" where the school used to be. I believe that happened in 2012, so when this photo was taken it was still there. " - Robbie Brunton(19th June 2024)

Photo of Worcester by: William Phillips

Fort Royal Elephant
"A very worth cause - Great result :-)" - Robert Coe(19th June 2024)

Photo of Brancaster by: Patricia Bullock

View of the Sea At Brancaster from Barrow Common
"Looks beautiful - Great photo - I will have to explore there one day ;-)" - Robert Coe(18th June 2024)

Photo of Dilton Marsh by: Jack Luxford

Early Summer Sunset
"That's a beautiful perspective. Love the way the shadows are showing on fields" - Robert Coe(18th June 2024)

Photo of Cambridge by: Simon Hill

"lovely shot of reflections" - Patricia Bullock(15th June 2024)

Photo of Leeds Castle by: Stephen

Leeds Castle
"Beautifully framed by the trees - Lovely photo" - Robert Coe(14th June 2024)