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Photo of Great Comp Garden by: Cees Zeelenberg

Great Comp Garden, June 2008

"This garden is not in Aylesford but about 8 miles away in St. Mary's Platt near Borough Green. " - Paul Johnson (4th July 2020)

Photo of Dartford by: Adrian Campfield

Sunset over Dartford Bridge

"Really well thought out. Most impressive" - Paul Johnson (4th July 2020)

Photo of Northamptonshire by: Alex Davidson

Hoar frost on River Nene, Northamptonshire.

"Nice shot" - Paul Johnson (3rd July 2020)

Photo of Knutsford by: Stephen Nunney

King Street, showing the Gaskell Memorial Tower

"Really nice shot, well done" - Paul Johnson (2nd July 2020)

Photo of Chiddingstone by: Paul Johnson

Chiddingstone, local pub

"Nice set of shots, Paul. When we visited we had a lovely drink and meal this establishment." - Mobscooter (1st July 2020)

Photo of Aspatria by: Ryan Denby

Church Sunset

"Thank you for commenting, i understand where your coming from as I fully understand the rule of thirds. Unfortunately there was another tree to the right of me and I was restricted as I only had one lens with me.Sometimes I think it's good to break the rule of thirds and try something different. Thank you again." - Ryan Denby (1st July 2020)

Photo of Budleigh Salterton by: Mobscooter

The fir trees of Budleigh

"Brilliant . we know them well Martyn" - Pat Trout (29th June 2020)

Photo of Aspatria by: Ryan Denby

Church Sunset

"I quite like this shot but I think that if you had swung to the right a little putting the church spire at the left third would improve it considerably. The tree on the left would then also stop your eye wandering out of the shot. Nevertheless I do like out of the ordinary shots." - Paul Johnson (29th June 2020)

Photo of Oakworth by: Tom Curtis

Evening Light by River Worth at Oakworth

"Very nice shot, Tom. I like the lighting and colours." - Mobscooter (27th June 2020)

Photo of Reeth by: Tom Curtis

Black Bull Hotel, Reeth

"The sign is put upside down because when the Landlord wanted to redecorate the exterior of the left hand bar, the planning authority vetoed his choice of colours. In defiance he then painted it as he was told to, but put the sign upside down in protest. I used to frequent that area quite often when I lived in County Durham - but now I'm in Devon it's nice to think back. " - Mobscooter (24th June 2020)