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Can you see me?
Cley Mill
Inside St Mary's Church, East Claydon, Bucks

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Photo of Mackworth by: Nick Ashton-jones

From Markeaton Crematorium 2008
"Nice shot, well captured" - Paul Johnson(30th July 2021)

Photo of Acomb by: Louisa Bratley

Pack horse bridge, Acomb
"Great shot Louisa. The viewer's eyes are taken right through the picture and it makes you feel you are actually there. " - Paul Johnson(30th July 2021)

Photo of Hidcote Bartrim by: Paul Johnson

Hidcote Bartrim
"Wonderful shot Paul" - poe(26th July 2021)

Photo of Hidcote Manor Garden by: Paul Johnson

Hidcote Garden
"Really nice" - poe(26th July 2021)