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The little thatched church at Little Stretton, Shropshire

Little Stretton

in the county of Shropshire

A long winding road in Lower Heswall, the area has remained unchanged for around 100 years.


in the county of Merseyside



in the county of Greater London

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Writers wanted for small pieces of work on the site.

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quotePosted at 22:18 on 11th December 2020

We are looking for someone who can craft together a small introduction to a place or attraction, to help us fill in places we have no description for on the site.

It wouldn't have to be much, a couple of short paragraphs maybe, just enough to give a brief description of a place, pointing out its best attributes or what it's famous for along with general information such as location/county.

We can't really afford to pay anyone just now (this could change however when revenue picks up) so nothing may come of it but if anyone out there does fancy helping out by having a go at writing about a place or two it would be a massive help. This would probably suit someone retired who has a strong interest in the towns and villages throughout England and enjoys researching about them and writing. 

You can see places that have no description by looking down the list of towns, such as looking down our list of Picturesque villages

There are also attractions too, such as Stonehenge which I only discovered today we have no description for! 

Please drop us an email if you are interested, or post here. Thank you.

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