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Rod BurkeyPremier Member - Click for more info
Rod Burkey
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quotePosted at 15:55 on 5th February 2020

I used to do the odd wedding, and cloning became a real friend. One good example was during the signing of the register, when the groom kept blinking and realising this, I shot off a volley of shots, and yes, would you believe it, the only decent shot of the groom not gurning or with closed eyes had the bride looking decidedly odd. So, I used his "good" head and replaced one of his bad ones leaving the happy couple looking both attractive and very happy. It truly was impossible to detect, but a purist would probably dismiss my editing as blatant deception. 

At another wedding where I was a close friend of the family of the bride I cloned myself onto the group shot. Nobody ever remarked on it.  

Thanks Paul. 



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Peggy CannellPremier Member - Click for more info
Peggy Cannell
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quotePosted at 12:32 on 17th February 2020
Very clever,I expect a lot of photographers do the same,very handy.
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