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About Reeth

An area of startling clarity, populated with beautiful old stone buildings, Reeth is a famous centre from which to tour the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. It is a lovely old market town which was mentioned in the Doomsday Book.

There are many fascinating villages and quiet, almost deserted hamlets on these lonely moors, where it is easy to imagine the medieval cattle marauders of yester-year, still roaming the hills on a night ill-lit by moonlight in search of their unsuspecting prey. Villages with strange sounding names dominate the landscape and close to Reeth there is Low Row, Crackpot and Booze! Low Row and Crackpot border Swaledale, breeding ground of hardy sheep and where the start of the Swale, tucked away in distant hills surrounded by the lush green fields of Keld, makes its way to Kidson Gorge, its silvery waters cascading over rocks and boulders of centuries. The area has a fascinating history, there is evidence from the Stone-Age, Celts, Saxons and Roman periods to name but a few. Vast caves have been discovered beneath limestone Scar's, making this a Mecca for archaeologists as well as naturalists and walkers.

The land around Reeth is a little less daunting and you can seek out gentler areas in which to roam and discover fields full of enticing wild flowers swaying in the wind. There are low hills, where in places the water is more of a dainty trickle creeping over small rocks and pebbles, than the almost frightening torrents found in the upland region of the dales.

Described as a 'honey-pot' of the Dales, Reeth has everything to make your stay interesting and comfortable. Friendly locals are always willing to chat about its busy agricultural industry or of the time long ago when it was a centre for the woollen industry. Its lovely landscape, is all enduring, it will captivate and fascinate and give you hours of endless pleasure. The magical open spaces of the Dales have something for everyone. Whether you come on a sample weekend visit or a longer stay, Reeth will make you welcome and the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales will ensure your swift return.

Reeth has shops, restaurants, cafe's and hotels. A local museum provides interesting information on the Dales, its landscape, villages and hamlets.

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A View of Swaldale looking west towards Gunnerside, North Yorkshire

Gunnerside (7 Pictures) a Picturesque Village in the county of North Yorkshire

(5.3 miles, 8.5 km, direction W of Reeth)

This is an attractive village lying at the heart of a landscape made famous in the TV series "All Creatures Great and Small"...

Aysgarth falls

Aysgarth (57 Pictures) a Picturesque Village in the county of North Yorkshire

(7.0 miles, 11.2 km, direction S of Reeth)

The ground rises sharply as you head towards this high upland village which is dominated by what are renowned as the prettiest falls in Yorkshire. It is also famous for the.....

Muker in Upper Swaledale, North Yorkshire

Muker (38 Pictures) a Picturesque Village in the county of North Yorkshire

(8.2 miles, 13.1 km, direction W of Reeth)

Apart from having a place in the history of the Yorkshire Dales, Muker is a walkers paradise and a wonderful relaxing place to stay whilst discovering the beauty of the area...

Easby Abbey, Near Richmond, North Yorkshire

Richmond (130 Pictures) a Historic Market Town in the county of North Yorkshire

(8.6 miles, 13.8 km, direction E of Reeth)

Richmond is a lovely old market town on the River Swale in North Yorkshire...

Bainbridge Stocks

Bainbridge (11 Pictures) a Picturesque Village in the county of North Yorkshire

(8.6 miles, 13.8 km, direction SW of Reeth)

Bainbridge is the epitome of a typical Dales village, it comprises of picturesque old stone cottages, with a lively, well quarried stream running through it...

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Bolton Castle in Castle Bolton, North Yorkshire. Mary Queen of Scots was once held prisoner here.

Bolton Castle (62 Pictures)

(4.7 miles, 7.5 km, direction S)

On a misty morning the ruined crenulated towers of Bolton Castle take on an eyrie aura and it is easy to imagine what this once.....

Aysgarth Lower Falls, Easter weekend 2007. Yorkshire Dales

Aysgarth Falls (49 Pictures)

(6.5 miles, 10.4 km, direction S)

These magnificent falls, although not the highest in the land are certainly one of the most picturesque sights in Yorkshire. The.....

Richmond Castle

Richmond Castle (50 Pictures)

(8.2 miles, 13.3 km, direction E)

This castle, occupying a dramatic cliff-top site above the River Swale, led a fairly quiet life without any military action to.....

Easby Abbey, Richmond, Yorkshire, South Wall

Easby Abbey (6 Pictures)

(9.3 miles, 14.9 km, direction E)

This pleasant place is interesting for the remarkable ruins of a 12th century Premonstratensian Abbey. Here in an idyllic.....

Red Tulips, Constable Burton Hall Gardens, North Yorkshire

Constable Burton Hall Gardens (31 Pictures)

(9.3 miles, 14.9 km, direction SE)

Magnificent gardens surrounding a grand Palladian mansion lying close to Leyburn at the entrance to the vast sweep of glorious.....

Middleham Castle in all it's splendour april 06

Middleham Castle (17 Pictures)

(9.4 miles, 15.2 km, direction SE)

Picturesque, ruinous castle, which was said to be the favourite home of Richard III. It was built in 1170 by Richard Neville,.....

Egglestone Abbey

Egglestone Abbey (13 Pictures)

(9.9 miles, 15.9 km, direction N)


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