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The Vikings, Jarrow, Tyne & Wear


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in the county of Suffolk

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Custom Picture Tours

Custom Picture Tours allow you to group images together to create special picture tours for other members and visitors to enjoy. You can use any images from the site (not just your own), and even give each image a custom description and customise the order in which pictures appear in throughout your tour. All your custom picture tours will be accessible from your 'My Tours' page when logged in to the site. To find out how to create a custom picture tour, please see below, or to view tours that other members have already created, please click here. Enjoy!

Create A Tour

Find a picture you want to use in your tour, then click the link above it called 'Add to tour' (see picture below)

As you click the link 'Add to tour', a grey box will appear (see below) containing several places for you to type, allowing you to name your tour and add the picture to it.

To create your brand new tour, in the middle field of the grey box, type in the name you want to give your new tour and then click the link at the bottom 'Add Picture' (see below).
In the example below we have named the tour 'Poppy Fields'.
Once you have named your tour and clicked 'Add Picture' your new tour will have been created and you will find it on your 'My Tours' page.

Adding subsequent pictures

The next time you add a picture to your tour, because the tour has already been created, simply use the drop-down box at the top of the grey box, labelled 'Add to an existing tour' to select the name of the tour, and then click 'Add Picture'.

Editing A Tour

From your 'My Tours' page you can edit everything about a tour, from changing a tours name, to removing images or changing the order in which images appear throughout a tour.

On your 'My Tours' page, you'll see 3 links to the right of each tour you have created (see below). These links are:
edit description . edit picture order . delete tour


Edit description & tour name

Click 'edit description' if you want to give each picture a custom description or edit/change the tour name.
To add/edit a description, simply type your description next to the image.
Once you are happy with your descriptions and tour name, click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page.


Edit picture order

Click this link to change the order of the pictures in your tour, or to delete any.
To change the order, simply drag and drop images from one position to another. The first image in your tour appears top-left.
To delete an image, simply drag and drop it over the silver 'bin' icon at the bottom.
Once you are happy, don't forget to click 'Save Changes'


Help & Support

That is all there is to know about the custom picture tours. If you would like further help with them or any other feature of the site, please use the forum Help & Support where other members will be glad to help you.

To view custom picture tours that other members have created, click here.