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Photo by: steve stain

Bradgate park

"Wonderful light and colour.......... a superb capture." - Patrick Hogan (3rd December 2016)

Photo by: Sumorsaet

Brixham Inner Harbour- panorama

"There is no easy way of replying to comments except to do what you have done already, since a star rating is necessary to proceed. You are obviously a modest chap, awarding yourself one star. The only snag is that one star doesn't seem to register on the 'latest comments' list. I agree it is a niggle. Maybe this is something Chris & Sarah (the site owners) might address when they have time. I look forward to seeing more of your images." - Edward Lever (1st December 2016)

Photo by: Sumorsaet

Brixham Inner Harbour- panorama

"Impressive view, but panoramic shots don't display well on computer screens. It would be better printed I think, like one of those long school photographs. Unfortunately, to avoid piracy of submitted images, free viewing at the original pixel size is not possible. " - Edward Lever (1st December 2016)

Photo by: David Reynolds

Great Barrington Church

"A very natural and well-balanced shot, with the open gate leading the observer nicely into the frame" - Edward Lever (1st December 2016)