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Photo of Linton by: Simon Hill

The Church

"Great picture with a paint like quality and quite eerie." - BPeters (27th July 2018)

Photo of Brampton by: Nancy Brown

Brampton, Cumbria, river Gelt

"a magic place love the photo" - Maurice Petry (26th July 2018)

Photo of Weston-on-the-Green by: poe

Weston-on-the-Green, Oxfordshire

"Beautiful! Just as lovely as when I first visited 10 years ago. my paternal grandmothers paternal side has family buried here (Coggins) and I am now bringing my own daughter to visit it today as well as the original still occupied Thatched cottage. The one that used to have the stocks in front garden until a road separated it. As I am formerly an US citizen but now very proud British 'almost citizen' (last expensive but worth it steps),teaching my adult children as much of our history here in the UK is my most cherished obsession. Looking forward to visiting Weston on the Green and the church of some of my ancestors today. Thank you for such an glorious picture and a reminder of what I am about to share with my daughter! Cheers! " - Ladybudd (26th July 2018)

Photo of Armathwaite by: Maurice Petry

Armathwaite Railway Station

"Nice piece of railway history. The Signal Box is certainly eye-catching with its yellow paintwork." - Edward Lever (18th July 2018)

Photo of Kirkby Stephen by: Andrew Bell

Flying Scotsman, Kirkby Stephen

"Beautifully framed and compositionally perfect" - Edward Lever (18th July 2018)

Photo of Rydal by: brianspics

Winter Morning Rydal Water, Nr Ambleside

"Great shot with very much a 'film' look to it. I also use a 5D (original model) and this camera is the best I've used for giving that 'film' look." - Edward Lever (18th July 2018)

Photo of Brothers Water by: brianspics

Brothers Water, Patterdale

"A beautiful scene well taken but sad to hear the poignant story of the two boys who drowned." - Edward Lever (18th July 2018)

Photo of Ellanabeich by: William Bedell


"The modern spelling is Ellenabeich. This is the spelling used by Ordnance Survey. It is also the spelling uses by the local council on the ferry timetables etc. Whether a spelling is 'correct' or not might be debatable. 'Ellanbeich' might have 'correct' in older writing. Both are approximations in English spelling for the Scottish Gaelic 'Eilean na Beithich'. 'Ellenabeich' better reflects the pronunciation which has a small vowel between the 'n' and the 'b'. " - taghan (16th July 2018)

Photo of Shadwell by: mark corby

Saville house, Shadwell

"My he grandfather lived here from around 1920 untill his death in 1960, the house does not look like this now, last time I saw it the bay windows have gone and it has been concrete rendered ,a real shame .Not even sure if the orchard to the right of the property is still there and there were also some cottages which he owned as well." - Andyking11 (15th July 2018)

Photo of Hope by: brianspics

Church at Hope, Hope Valley

"Another stunning image." - poe (12th July 2018)