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'A Guide to the C. S. Lewis Tour in Oxford'
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Ron Brind keeps C. S. Lewis Alive, 10 December 2005.
Book reviewed by: Jeanette Abbott (USA)

Ron has done an outstanding job in presenting C. S. Lewis in a personal way from his own boyhood experiences. Ron spent much time at the Lewis house visiting his friend Doug Gresham (Joy's son). Taking the tour with Ron made me feel that I, too, personally knew C. S. Lewis. And now, reading the book has rekindled all those memories. Every fan of C. S Lewis should read this book, and take the tour if there is an opportunity to visit Oxford. And now, with the Narnia film, there will be a new generation of Lewis fans. Every fan, every parent, every child who see's Narnia, and every student of literature, should read this book to learn of this extraordinary man.

Walk in the steps of C.S. Lewis, The Narnian
Book reviewed by: Pamela McCunn (USA) 23 December 2005.

After reading the many literary works of author C.S. Lewis, both fiction and non-fiction, and after experiencing the magic of Narnia, you can't help but want to know more about the man, 'Jack' Lewis. Author Ronald Brind kindly gives us that opportunity in this new book 'A Guide to the C.S. Lewis Tour of Oxford'. The author provides detailed information on how to physically locate important C.S. Lewis sites (his home, the Kilns, his gravesite, schools, frequented pubs, churches, etc.) and at the same time shares first hand personal information about the author giving us small glimpses of Lewis' everyday life. So, whether you are going to self tour in Oxford, take the author's guided tour or do an armchair tour from the comfort of your sofa, you will enjoy this book. The checklists at the end would be particularly handy while doing a self tour. The only thing that would have been a nice addition would be hand drawn maps.

A Good Guide To C.S. Lewis Sites in Oxford
Book reviewed by: Daniel Van Hoy (Hong Kong) 27 December 2005.

I've had the privilege of reading Ron's book and taking his tour of C.S. Lewis sites. Before I went to Oxford I wondered how I was going to locate Lewis' home, church and other significant places. I was delighted to find that Ron has done all the homework for me based on his lifetime of living and working in Oxford and personal experiences as a childhood friend of Douglas Gresham. Everything you need to locate the things you want to see most is in this book.

One great thing is that Ron adds many personal insights and observations as well as his passion to get C.S. Lewis' home open for visitors on a regular basis. The book is more than just a guide, it, reflects his personal crusade to restore C.S. Lewis sites as they were during Lewis' time and to open up relevant sites to visitors on a regular basis.

While this book is clearly not intended to be a scholarly work, I hope that a future edition will include an index as well as references for the sources used. That will make it significantly more useful and enduring a contribution to the whole of works related to Lewis'..

Even if you never have a chance to visit Oxford you will benefit from both the information and the inspiration Ron Brind brings to the life and work of C.S. in 'A Guide to the C. S. Lewis Tour in Oxford'.

Passion Meets Practicality
Book reviewed by: Diana Sinclair (USA) 1 February 2006.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Brind when taking the C.S. Lewis Tour in the winter of 2005. I wish I had had his book then! To have read this fabulous book before my trip would have added to the enjoyment. Ron is knowledgeable about his subject and considerate about how he presents his material. I feel I could rent a car and take the trip myself without any apprehension about getting lost. Add to this the personal touches of his childhood memories about C.S. Lewis and you have a unique guide book to accompany you on your journey. Honestly, when you have done with reading 'A Guide to the C.S. Lewis Tour in Oxford' you might have trouble remembering if the bits you recall were something you read or if you had actually been there! Read the book and treat yourself to the tour; you will be touched by the passion Ron Brind brings to the memory of C.S. Lewis, as well as his ambitious desire to preserve the material legacy Lewis left behind.

A Day Well Spent
Book reviewed by: Laurey Ahonen (USA) 2 February 2006.

My son and I recently spent the better part of a day in Oxford taking Mr. Brind's tour. It was personal and kind and quite informational giving us a glimpse inside the city of Oxford but especially a peek at the lives of 'Jack and Warnie' Lewis, his neighbors through his growing up years.We came away from the tour feeling we had experienced the very human side of a great man. The book is written in such a way that you really could take the tour on your own and get a feel for the life of C.S. Lewis. The pictures and directions are quite helpful. But if I were you, I'd read the book first to get the lay of the land and still take Mr. Brind's tour as he is a treat himself.

An Inspirational Journey, 10 March 2006
Book reviewed by: John-Paul McCrohon & Ms K K Joyce 'Oxford Don' (United Kingdom)

Myself and my partner, Kerry, visited Oxford to soak up the surroundings and to research our production of the play, "Shadowlands" by William Nicholson, based on the story of CS Lewis and Joy Davidman. On arriving, we did not know where to start until we found a copy of Ronald K Brind's wonderful book. It really was like finding treasure as it is totally unlike any other book written about Lewis, of which we have read many. All of them are fascinating, but this one is truly personal. Mr Brind manages to convey a true sense of what the lives of these extraordinary people were truly like drawing on his first hand experience and providing us with such unique nuggets of information that can only be communicated by someone who was actually there.

In addition to this, Mr Brind's passion for ensuring that Lewis' legacy is more evident in his home city, nationally and internationally shines through every word.

The tour itself is quite indescribably inspiring and moving. We self navigated the route over the course of a couple of days and cannot really put into words what an amazing experience it was. The words and photographs provided are extremely clear and made the tour easy to follow, including so many places of interest that, by the time we had finished, we felt that we had really got to know "Jack" and Joy. Although it is difficult to pin-point just a few highlights as it is all so amazing, by visiting the hotel where it is very possible that the two initially met, Lewis' house, Joy's house, the crematorium at which is displayed Joy's epitaph and the gravestone for Lewis and his brother "Warnie" were particularly awe inspiring moments in a tour which we will never forget, and will take every opportunity to tell other people about, not to mention visiting again ourselves.

We also had the privilege of speaking to Mr Brind himself who was charming, kind, as passionate about his subject as his book had led us to believe, knowledgeable, and as grateful to us for expressing our delight in what he had written as we were to him for providing us this key into the lives of these very special people. This was very humbling, as we believe that what Mr Brind is doing for the memory of Lewis and those around him is truly remarkable. Although our production has now come to an end after a successful week of performances, our passion and interest in C S Lewis will remain undimmed, in large part due to Mr Ronald K Brind. We thoroughly recommend the book and the tour to all people of all ages. Even if you have not felt an interest in C S Lewis's life before this, you are sure to feel differently having read the book and been on the tour, which could well open up a lifetime interest. Thank You Ronald - Thank You x

Book reviewed by: George A. Myers 26 March 2006.

A Guide to the C.S. Lewis Tour in Oxford is a 'must have' for any admirer of C.S. Lewis that plans to visit Oxford, or simply wants to know more about Lewis's home and haunts. The book consists of roughly 44 brief vignettes (or chapters), each one dedicated to a specific person or place made famous by Lewis.

There are two things I enjoy most about this book. The first is the unpretentious, relaxed writing style that makes the reader feel as if he or she is on the tour listening to the author share his stories, and the second is the intimate knowledge of the many people and places referenced by the author, which gives it a highly personable quality.

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