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What is this site all about and who is it for?

This site is for potential tourists who wish to plan what to see and visit before their real journey around England begins. It's for ex-pats who become homesick or anyone who is away from our beloved country, misses it and wishes to journey back with our pictures and all their dreams. It's for people who wish to show others where they have been to, where they are going, or where they are from. It is for children and adults alike to learn from. It's for brave servicemen who were here during the world wars and wish to visit one more time, even from afar. It's for researchers and history lovers worldwide. Its for people of today and people of tomorrow to explore and enjoy England from and appreciate what we had once, what we still have today and what we will have in the future if we look after it. is for anyone anywhere in the world who wishes to see, explore and learn about beautiful England.

Who owns this site?

The owners are husband and wife team, Chris and Sarah Plows, who live in Oxford, England. They thought up the site, built it from scratch, and now constantly take care of it with great love and dedication.
The real people behind though, are the wonderfully generous people who submit all the beautiful photographs for us all to enjoy, and without which, there simply wouldn't be a They deserve full and constant credit. Many thanks to you all.

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