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Kent Facts

Interesting and historical facts about Kent.

  • Sheerness, in Kent, has the biggest pile of decaying explosives in the world sitting in a wreck a few yards offshore.

  • In Dover market square is a timber-framed building called, 'Dicken's Corner Cafe'. So called as Charles Dickens placed his fictional character, David Copperfield, on the steps of the building that at the time was a bakery.

  • Ramsgate in Kent was described by Daniel Defoe as a nice little place, but the people insist it be called "Romans Gate" But this has not been proved. In fact the Romans came ashore a few miles away at Walmer.

  • St Martin's Church in Canterbury is the oldest church building in England, and the oldest church in continuous use in the English speaking world.

  • The Equestrian term "canter" comes from the name Canterbury. Pilgrims on their way to Canterbury to visit the shrine of famous martyr Thomas à Becket, would ride at a "Canterbury Trot" as they approached the city, which was less tiring than a gallop. The term was later shortened to canter.

  • The Church of St Martin's in Canterbury was the private chapel of Queen Bertha of Kent, whose influence led to the introduction of Christianity to Anglo-Saxon England. Queen Bertha was canonized as a saint for her part in its establishment.

  • Queen Victoria used to occasionaly worship at St Laurence Church just outside Ramsgate in an area known as St Lawrence, The different spellings are alleged to be the result of an error in the 1700's and perpetuates to this day.

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