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Pictures of England

David Myers's Comments

4 stars
David Myers(4th February 2010)

Nice capture.

Winter scene of Ribchester in Lancashire
5 stars
David Myers(21st December 2008)

Brilliant picture ,its one of those pictures that gives you the feeling of wanting to be there when you look at it in depth.

Town square, Thirsk, North Yorkshire
5 stars
David Myers(22nd July 2008)

Nice picture,My late grandad and his family lived in Thirsk,& my great grandfather owned and run a local drapers shop there.

Shakespeare's Cottage, Sept 1950
5 stars
David Myers(6th July 2008)

Nice to see older nostalgic pics of england,brilliant.

Snowy street in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire
5 stars
David Myers(14th May 2008)

What a nice wintery scene,seems strange seeing one of my favourite holiday destinations covered in snow.

5 stars
David Myers(14th June 2007)

What a brilliant picture ,especially the reflection on the canal.

5 stars
David Myers(14th June 2007)

Fantastic picture,So much happening and so much to see as with many of your other pictures,Real eye openers into an insight of other places I have never seen or visited before.