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Nigel Dunmore's Comments

The steps
5 stars
Nigel Dunmore(26th September 2014)

amazing picture.

Wells Cathedral
5 stars
Nigel Dunmore(26th September 2014)

Stunning Picture, I feel as though I am there. Thanks.

Country view
5 stars
Nigel Dunmore(26th January 2014)

Stunning picture, so peaceful,thank you.

5 stars
Nigel Dunmore(19th January 2014)

Stunning picture..wish I was there fishing.

1 stars
Nigel Dunmore(18th August 2013)

They are all vermin, why take pictures, just shoot them and sell the skins!!

5 stars
Nigel Dunmore(10th August 2013)

Great picture, it feel's like I am standing there.

My Spring Garden
5 stars
Nigel Dunmore(5th April 2012)

What a beautiful picture. I emailed it to my friends as an Easter Card, thank you.

Aldwincle village
5 stars
Nigel Dunmore(31st January 2012)

This is an amazing Picture, I feel asthough I am standing there just about to stroke them. Thank you, it made my day.

The dove found the Angel
5 stars
Nigel Dunmore(23rd December 2011)

Great Picture and timing especially being a Dove and not a Pigeon.

1 stars
Nigel Dunmore(4th June 2011)

1.9 million pounds, what a waste of money and what a con.The guy who made this is laughing all the way to the Bank. What was wrong with looking at trees and hills. Hey I have some swamp land reall cheap if anyone wants to buy it.