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Graham Rains's Comments

Rydal Water towards the Grasmere Fells
5 stars
Graham Rains(1st August 2014)

Time to get the waterproof on. Nice one.

Sherborne, Dorset.
5 stars
Graham Rains(5th September 2012)

'Let's park on a double yellow line, in front of an ancient monument, facing the wrong way down a one way street. After all this is Dorset on a Sunday morning, who's going to notice?' Five stars to the owner for getting away with it, without getting a ticket!

Breakfast Please.
5 stars
Graham Rains(6th November 2011)

Excellent one Patrick, I suppose you had to rush back on board, and hand over a bacon butty?

Main Street
2 stars
Graham Rains(25th August 2011)

This in fact is part of Shaftesbury, Iwerne Minster is five miles down the road towards Blandford Forum. The Ship Inn is A 17th century pub, which is said to be Haunted. The original Ship in Shaftesbury was the Ship Hotel, which was opposite Bimport, just over the road from where the current Ship Inn is now at the top of Tout Hill. After the first world war the current premises was a Doctors surgery owned by the very kind and true friend of Shaftesbury Dr Harris, who along with two other local benevolent businessmen, bought and then auctioned most of the buildings in town in the 1918 "Sale of Shaftesbury".

3 stars
Graham Rains(13th March 2009)

The slightly blurred edge to the buzzard is because it was moving and the light stopped me from using a fast shutter speed. I don't use photoshop, it's too complicated for me, I prefer Paintshop pro. I did think it wasn't sharp enough to warrant posting, perhaps I should delete it. I'll give myself 3 for being in the right place at the right time and hope for better luck next time.

Shillingstone in Dorset
3 stars
Graham Rains(17th February 2009)

Thanks James, but as stated above, I don't like photoshop, it's too complicated for me. All my files open up as jpgs in Paintshop pro. I cropped some of the sky out of this shot and gave it a dose of clarification to bring out the sunrays. Again I'll give myself three for effort?

Shillingstone in Dorset
3 stars
Graham Rains(30th January 2009)

I'm afraid 'Photoshop' is a bit too technical for me Stephen, I tend to rely on a good camera. All my files open up as Jpgs in Paintshop pro. I cropped some of the sky out of this shot to bring the owl more up front. If you look through the Shillingstone pics., you will see another shot taken at the same spot 5 minutes previous to this one. There is a lot more sky in this one and the rooks are not the main feature. If you wish I will Email the original full shot of the owl to you for your expert oppinion. I'll give myself three for effort on this one.

5 stars
Graham Rains(27th January 2009)

Great picture Sue, well worth waiting for the right moment.