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Could you or your company sponsor a new vehicle for the C. S. Lewis Tours that I run here in Oxford, England?

The minibus that I purchased several years ago to do the C. S. Lewis Tour in Oxford is getting tired and in need of replacing, in fact it’s nearly 10 years old! I have personally funded the costs throughout.

If you or your company were able to provide a new vehicle that would clearly advertise your name as a sponsor of the C. S. Lewis Tours in Oxford, then I would dearly love to hear from you. Capital purchase in the region of £30,000.00

I would also like to hear from anyone who could sponsor the cost of the road fund licence, insurance and general running costs. Current anticipated cost is £10,000.00 per annum. This does not include any remuneration for me and of course I do have to survive, so it may be something else that you might like to consider.

Perhaps vehicle manufacturers would care to consider the benefits of association with the very personal C. S. Lewis Tours that I offer here in Oxford, England. Why personal? Quite simply I was there at the time and invited into Lewis’ former home by my friend from schooldays Lewis’ stepson, Douglas Gresham!

Please help me to secure the former home of C. S. Lewis which I consider to be part of Britain’s Christian heritage, in order to allow pilgrims the world over to see just how brothers ‘Jack’ and ‘Warnie’ lived in comparative squalor, and yet gave everything. Clive Staples Lewis really was a giant among men but there isn’t even a plaque on the former home to inform visitors. No directions, not even when you get to within 200 yards of the former home! My personal view is that the former Lewis home should be made a shrine and open to the public throughout the year. Further there should be a Memorial plaque in Westminster Abbey, perhaps in poet’s corner!

If you feel that you are able to help in any way whatsoever, please do not hesitate to send an email to Ronbrind@rbrind.fsnet.co.uk to discuss the way forward.

With the release of the film ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ in December 2005 from the Chronicles of Narnia (co-produced by my former childhood friend of the mid 1950’s Douglas Gresham) in December 2005, this unique opportunity could promote you and/or your company to unimaginable heights.

If you are in any doubt about how visitors from all over the world rate my C S Lewis Tours here in Oxford then please go to Tour Reviews to read what they have to say. Still in doubt? Trace the guestbook message back to source.

I have also written a book called ‘A Guide to the C S Lewis Tour in Oxford’ due for release in October 2005 and expected to be available throughout the United Kingdom shortly, although not available in the United States for some 6 – 9 months yet.

For your signed copy of ‘A Guide to the C S Lewis Tour in Oxford’ please go to www.picturesofengland.com/cslewis where completion of a simple form will guarantee your copy.

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Thank you for your time and consideration

Ronald K Brind

C S Lewis Tours, Oxford, England.

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