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Original Victorian Stamps that came from the former home of C S Lewis!

C. S. Lewis (1898-1963)

(These 54 original Victorian 1d red stamps are from the Kilns, the former home of C. S. Lewis, and are now offered, For Sale).

They can never be repeated, only copied!

The stamps came from envelopes, that contained letters from within the former home of C. S. Lewis the Kilns, Oxford, UK.

One of Lewis' step-son's by marriage to Joy Gresham (Douglas), said at the time "they belong to my father".

See my book titled 'A Guide to the C S Lewis Tour in Oxford' pages 123/124/129 where I write about these stamps!

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These 54 Victorian 1d red stamps come from envelopes that contained letters at the former home of C. S. Lewis (Jack), the Kilns, Headington, Oxford, UK.

Lewis' step-son Douglas Gresham and I would meet after school was over up at the Kilns, and on this particular occasion we were in Douglas' (Dougie's) bedroom. I was collecting stamps from a very early age and so when Dougie handed me a bundle of envelopes tied together with a piece of pink wool, telling me that I could have the stamps, 'but not the letters inside because they belong to my father', I was very happy to sit there and peel them off of the envelopes.

There are 54 stamps in total. I have wondered why 54 - maybe one a week! But from who, a family member?

The postmarks on some of the stamps clearly read Killarney 1868!

Yes, 30 years before Jack was born, and of course Lewis' family originated in Ireland so who could they be from, his parents or grandparents maybe? I took them home and put them in my stamp album, and probably haven't looked at them more than a dozen times in 50 years!

These Victorian 1d red stamps are very special to me. Add to this the provenance, and to think that you could now own these stamps that really did come off of envelopes containing letters, from within the former home of C. S. Lewis, and about which I write about on pages 123/124/129 of my book titled 'A Guide to the C. S. Lewis Tour in Oxford'.

This really is a one off opportunity to own something that previously belonged to this great man!
One stamp is now in Boston, MA making the total above now 53 stamps.

My thoughts are that these stamps would be a fantastic addition to any collection, although clearly not the average collector, whilst in the full knowledge of where they came from.They would also make suitable auction items to raise even more funds. I have idea's about a dna test to prove that they came from the Lewis family, and this can be discussed later if needs be.

These original 54 Victorian 1d red stamps are 100% genuine. They really did come off of envelopes containing letters from within the former home of C. S. Lewis, the Kilns. Oxford, UK. Buyer will receive written confirmation from me regarding these stamps, which are probably the only surviving available chattels from the former Lewis home (except for my decanters ). Remember, there is also a reference to these stamps, and my decanters in my book.

I am not a professional collector of stamps and so can honestly say they have never been looked at under a watermark detector for example, neither do I know from what plates they come.

The value I believe is not in the specification, but the provenance.

Buyer agree's to pay for all additional costs relating to insurance, shipping, duty, packaging and handling.

For further information please contact the owners:
R. K. & A. M. E. Brind

Ronald K. Brind - Author: 'A Guide to the C S Lewis Tour in Oxford' ISBN: 1857566262 - Janus Publishing Ltd

Emails to: Ron@pestcontrol-supermarket.com

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