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Spotlight on Old Wardour CastleIn bloomWaiting for lunchAbeerglasney House and garden, near LlandeiloMablethorpe Beach at SunriseLadram bay

Planning to move! Please help if you can. Thank you.

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quotePosted at 11:30 on 8th October 2019

We are planning to move to a much cheaper host which will obviously be a huge help to the site going forward.

However in order to make the move possible we need to raise £2,200. If you can help please do as it really could be the lifeline that the site needs, reducing our hosting costs dramatically, which has been the sites main archilles heel in the past few years. 

Please donate here - thank you.  Please note a newsletter has gone out too, about this. Thank you for any support, it's hugely appreciated.

We will post here a tally of how much we raise. We will also keep you up-to-date here on any progress with the big move. Thank you.

23 donations so far totalling £429.11 - Thank you!

This total has now been very kindly matched by our very special anonymous PoE member to take the total to 858.22! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far, we are almost at the half way mark but need to keep going. We will send out another email at some point, updating members on the current total and urging people to donate if they haven't already. Please keep them coming in so we can make the move which will help the site immensely. Thank you for your kind and continued support of the Pictures of England website. 

5 more donations have now come in - Totalling another £135. Thank you to those people too. 

The £135 has now been matched very kindly by our anonymous donator to make the new total £270, which now takes the grand total to £1,128.22 - now over half-way! Brilliant! thank you to everyone involved. Please keep them coming so we can reach the target and move before the month is out and we get hit for another big hosting bill.Thank you so much.

4 more donations in last night/this morning so the new unmatched figures is currently £55. Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated so far.This has now been matched taking it to 110.78, making the grand total £1,239.00. Thank you all.

Another donation in this morning for £25 - Thank you.

New total is now £75 - Thank you all.

£75 now matched. Grand total is now - £1,389.00. Thank you so much. Please keep the donations coming as we are so close now to the £2,200 that we need and it will make a huge and lasting difference to poe. Thank you so much for every donation made. - Chris & Sarah


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quotePosted at 18:21 on 9th October 2019
Later in the month ok
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quotePosted at 09:38 on 10th October 2019
No problem Ray, thank you.
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