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Helping to fund the new POE accommodation system

**Please support PoE by booking your England accommodation - thank you**
poePremier Member - Click for more info
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quotePosted at 13:27 on 3rd September 2019

As many of you know, it has been a constant battle over the years to keep the site ticking over and funded, and this year we are doing everything we possibly can to change that and turn it around for good.

One of the main focuses will be to the Pictures of England accommodation pages, fixing the major issues with them, and bringing them up to date. For instance currently making a booking via mobile is near impossible and therefore we potentailly lose a lot of important revenue from just that issue alone.
We therefore need to update the whole accommodation system with major improvements from top to bottom.

Once these improvements have been made, then the accommodation side of the site will be brought much more to the fore, promoting it throughout the site and beyond, and encouraging people to book through PoE at every opportunity, which should make all the difference and provide the revenue that the site so badly needs.

If this sounds good to you and you would like to help in any way, the first thing we need to do is raise the initial funds to proceed with the work. We are looking at around 2.5k to get the first stage done, as we have split it into two phases to make it more achievable and manageable. The first phase will be about fixing and updating the system as quickly as possible so that we can start taking bookings again on mobile devices and fix the current major issues, including implementing a hotel specific search that works across the board.

Phase 2 will be more work over a longer period, and would be to do major improvements to the system by way of making it more attractive to the end user and adding new sections such as a database of caravan and camping sites to use throughout England, and properly categorising properties to fit in with the theme of the site, such as 'Countryside properties' 'Accommodation in historic buildings' 'Accommodation with sea views' and so on. Our maps pages/system would also be fixed at this point and put to good use allowing people to see hotels/cottages plotted on a map along with nearby attractions - typical things you see on other sites that help get bookings. We would also incorporate a good system for keeping the hotel/cottage system fully up-to-date, so we don't run into the same problems with it in the future. We wont know how much phase 2 costs until nearer the time.

That is it basically. We still have the hosting bill from July 5th to find, which is another £846, so you can see what we are up against. The above however, we firmly believe is exactly what is needed to change this pattern and ensure that not only the site becomes self-sufficient, but that we don't have to keep asking for our members to put their hands in their pockets and fund the site for us.

If you can help, please do so by donating through PayPal (you don't need to be a paypal member, you can simply donate using a credit/debit card through their system) or by sending a cheque direct to us at PicturesofEngland. A link to Paypal and our postal address for sending a cheque can be found on our support page here. Thank you.

If you are a business owner and feel you could help, we offer plenty of scope for advertising your business throughout the PoE site in return, not only on its pages but also via our websites notification email signature as a sponsor of the site. Please do get in-touch.

 Many thanks for your support,

Chris & Sarah Plows



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Peggy CannellPremier Member - Click for more info
Peggy Cannell
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quotePosted at 16:16 on 3rd September 2019

Chris wouldn't it help to make a charge like Flickr, out of curiosity I just checked and it is £5.99p per month or £59.99p per year  rather than have to rely on donations.

 By the way you may need to scrap the cheque because I misread the spelling of your surname, but if it is not noticed all well and good,  I have sent a donation again by pay pal just in case, and if the cheque goes through just keep both donations  

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poePremier Member - Click for more info
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quotePosted at 18:00 on 3rd September 2019
Thanks Peggy, much appreciated. We are looking into what else we can do, and we may have to introduce an overall cap to images rather than the daily one of 5 images per non-premier member.
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