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West Quay, Newhaven, East Sussex


in the county of East Sussex

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Dear all,

Now that we have managed to settle the site on to a new more affordable server, we want to move onto the next stage of things which is to get the all important new development done, bringing the site inline with more modern websites and also improving on its capabilities of generating revenue. All donations from now on will go to the development of the following - 

1. Significant improvements to the upload page and the way photos are handled on the site. Included in this will be such features as preview image on upload, an upload progress bar, optional custom watermarking of your images, optional grouping of images on upload, so they appear as a group wherever they are shown such as on the homepage.

2. A 'Places to visit near you' system, to enable people to find places to visit more easily on the site.

3. Accommodation system improvements - a big overhaul of our aging accommodation system, making it easy to find and book what you want.

4. Picture tour management, so we can divide the picture tours into a 'Premier tour' showing only the best of a place, then optional sub-tours offered at the end of it.

5. Map updates. Bringing our map pages up to scratch so a person can explore the photos by map if they wish.

6. A professional logo/rebrand, to allow us to have a more appealing and constant theme throughout the site and throughout social media platforms in order to attract more members and visitors to the site.

We are excited about getting all these things done as soon as possible, and we are now therefore seeking donations towards this development where and when people can afford to make a contribution towards it.

Donations can be made via the donate page or by clicking here to go directly to Paypal.

Many thanks for your kind and continued support, and we look forward to building a better site together, showcasing beautiful England for years to come. Thank you.

Kind regards,
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quotePosted at 16:44 on 20th January 2020
Please note, the above will be going out in an email to all members at some point today/tomorrow. Thank you.
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