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About the county of Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a fascinating island bang in the middle of the Irish Sea. Thus, it is ideally situated for access from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Part of the island's charm is it's unique independence, it is entirely self-governing, with it's own parliament and laws. It is a crown dependency but does not belong to England, nor to Europe. The island has a largely Celtic history, it's own traditions, cultures and for those seeking legendary tales of bizarre happenings, the Isle of Man is the place to go. Stories abound all over the island, in secretive corners of villages, across windswept hills and in wooded glens where fairies are known to dance at mid-night. Few places are without their own particular folklore. The islanders are a proud people, who throughout the centuries have clung closely to traditions inherited from their forefathers.

The island covers an area of 227 square miles of which over 40% remains uninhabited. The island capital is Douglas which in the summer months is a hive of activity. The town is spread along Douglas Bay where there is a fine natural harbour. At the southern end of the town is the quayside for passenger ferries from Scotland, England and Ireland. Overlooking the sandy beach there is an attractive, busy promenade, ideal for an evening stroll from which you can admire the golden rays of a setting sun falling over creamy foaming waves. Many legends surround the old castellated houses on Douglas Head.

One of the chief attractions of the island is to be found at Castletown. Castle Rushen is the second of the island's great castles. It was the Mediaeval fortress of Kings and Lords of Man. It is surrounded by a legend of a monster who is said to haunt a tunnel linking it with the nearby Cistercian monastery, Rushden Abbey. Castletown has narrow winding streets and a picturesque inner harbour and is where you will find The Manx Nautical Museum.

The island has many glorious spots of which it is duly proud but even by Manx standards, Peel is truly spectacular. The fortress of Peel Castle on St.Patrick's Isle, forms a magnificent backdrop for a quaint old fishing harbour with narrow streets. There is a sandy beach on the eastern side of the harbour which offers excellent safe bathing for families. Interestingly, Peel Castle is said to stand on a site of a former castle captured by Vikings in AD 790, it has a massive round tower and walls that date back to the 14th-century.

The island is known world-wide for the Tourist Trophy motorcycle course. A favourite viewpoint for the race is the bridge at Ballaugh. Glen Maye has a magnificent waterfall and Port Erin is a small resort sheltered by the high cliffs of two headlands. Ramsey, marks the transition of the island's northern low-lying coast and the towering cliffs of the eastern end of the island. The harbour here is constantly packed with yachts and pleasure craft all through the summer. It is sheltered from south-westerly winds and has a warm climate. Palm trees line the promenade and there are two lovely beaches.

This is a holiday paradise that offers something for everyone. The atmosphere is relaxing and the pace of life un-hurried. The scenery is varied with lush green glens and magnificent seascapes to rival those to be found anywhere. There are great houses and romantic ruins, beautiful churches and interesting museums telling of the island's history. There is sport for everyone, Steam railways, Wildlife and pleasure parks - there is so much to do that you will be quite spoilt for choice. There is an excellent choice of accommodation which ranges from Luxurious hotels to simple bed and breakfast and self catering cottages and apartments. The enthusiastic shopper will not be disappointed, neither will those in search of antiquities. There are several atmospheric ancient inns with creaking floor boards and where possibly, just possibly a ghost or two roams around at midnight. But wherever you go on the island, once thing is certain, that is the warmth and pleasure of a truly hospitable Manx welcome.

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The Laxey train en route to Snaefell

Laxey (11 Pictures)

in the county of Isle of Man


Port St.Mary, Isle Of Man.

Port St Mary (2 Pictures)

in the county of Isle of Man


Fairy Bridge, Santon, Isle of Man

Santon, Isle of Man (1 Pictures)

in the county of Isle of Man


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Castle Rushen, Isle of Man

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Point of Ayre Lighthouse, Isle of Man

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Summit Station on the Snaefell Mountain Railway

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The Church, Tynwald

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