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Syd Harling's Comments

Haynes Motor Museum.
5 stars
Syd Harling(10th October 2012)

Thanks for the kind words. The security was quite slack but I think they trust people.

Spinnaker Tower/HMS Warrior
5 stars
Syd Harling(2nd July 2012)

Very nice shot indeed.

Pat the Piper in Trafalgar Square
4 stars
Syd Harling(1st July 2012)

The cats would have made a better noise!

The Royal barge
5 stars
Syd Harling(18th June 2012)

We did have a great view and I had a good camera with a good lens.

Catamaran ferry approaching port at Fisbourne
5 stars
Syd Harling(16th June 2012)

Fortunately it turned away to dock

Americana in Oundle
3 stars
Syd Harling(9th March 2012)

Nice shot. It looks somewhat American and out of place in fine English village.

Shillingstone in Dorset
5 stars
Syd Harling(25th February 2012)

Looks almost like a painting. Very, very nice.

A picture of England
4 stars
Syd Harling(12th July 2011)

Hi Karen, seems you got the joke!

Towerbridge and statue
5 stars
Syd Harling(7th July 2011)

One of the best shots of bridge I've seen.

Jurrasic Coast by evening
5 stars
Syd Harling(7th July 2011)

Nice one!

New Forest Ponies
5 stars
Syd Harling(26th June 2011)

Nice one Steve. Seems as though the pony in the foreground is taking a chomp out the other one. Well caught!

Sunset at West Bay
5 stars
Syd Harling(24th June 2011)

Brilliant shot Stu! The wave detail is amazing.

Lavenham house
5 stars
Syd Harling(19th June 2011)

Absolutely real! The whole town is skew.

Building in Windermere
5 stars
Syd Harling(12th June 2011)

Thanks. I also thought it was amazing when we happened upon it. Quite special.

Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens
4 stars
Syd Harling(11th June 2011)

What a nice picture!!!!!!!!

4 stars
Syd Harling(10th June 2011)

Hi Mick. This not far from the Cathedral actually and was taken from the pedestrian street which goes past the cathedral.

Looking past the eye downriver towards Charing Cross Station
5 stars
Syd Harling(9th June 2011)

LOL. Am I allowed to rate my own picture? I'm biased but think it is really good.

Fishing boats
5 stars
Syd Harling(3rd June 2011)

Nice one Sally!!!!!!!!!!!

St.James Park
4 stars
Syd Harling(27th May 2011)

Nice one Gonul. As James said, with the right morning light on the building it would have been better but that's if you're looking at it as a photograph. As it is now it could be an old painting and that works for me. Nice!

4 stars
Syd Harling(23rd May 2011)

Very nice!

Wellington Arch, London
3 stars
Syd Harling(4th May 2011)

I don't think this is Admiralty Arch. It looks more like the Wellington Arch to me............... Nice picture though.

Horseguards, London, October 2008
5 stars
Syd Harling(3rd May 2011)

Absolutely stunning. Beautiful angle and Eye behind just caps it.

London Eye
5 stars
Syd Harling(3rd May 2011)

Thanks people. My son and I had a great deal of fun that night in Westminster taking night shots. Nice to know that others like the result.