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AJTooth's Comments

Dawn Flight over the River Darent
5 stars
AJTooth(11th September 2017)

Professional job.

Taken off on the river Darent
5 stars
AJTooth(11th September 2017)

Very good.

Shutlingsloe Hill above Wildboarclough, Cheshire
5 stars
AJTooth(25th August 2017)

Edward - focus stacking would be ludicrously time-consuming. I could have cropped it. I didn't. A more sensible solution would have been to use a tripod, or to use a tilt-shift lens. Anyway - personally I liked the shot the way I shot it. For me, a fully in-focus foreground would have been a distraction from the main subject. For your info, the previous shot I took was of the foreground in focus, but the hill blurred.

5 stars
AJTooth(1st November 2016)

Very nice indeed.

Friends Chipmunk at Enstone Flying Club, Enstone, Oxfordshire
1 stars
AJTooth(8th October 2016)

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that today. It's been repainted in authentic RAF camouflage.

Padley Gorge
5 stars
AJTooth(6th September 2016)

Very nice.

Seven Sisters to Birling Gap
5 stars
AJTooth(28th July 2016)

I agree - a very precise viewpoint.

Poppies at Somerton, Oxfordshire
1 stars
AJTooth(8th June 2016)

Thanks. One might even think I took it with that in mind!...

The Oxford Canal at Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire
1 stars
AJTooth(20th May 2016)

Exactly this scene was shown on "Barging Round Britain" with John Sergeant.

The Seven Sisters, Cuckmere Haven, East Sussex
1 stars
AJTooth(15th May 2016)

Thanks. I tried to pick out the structure of the chalk. Many images end up with the cliffs "whited-out". Also, it looks fairly warm, but actually it was a numbing -4C that day.