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Pictures of England

Exploring the most Picturesque & Historic parts of England..

"Solitude" by Cass ©. A Photo of Derwent Water, in the Lake District, England.

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Denis(24th January 2008 - Ireland)

Great website. England indeed has some really beautiful spots. My personal favorites are the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. Having spent 5 years in Lancashire, I have crisscrossed this county and surrounding counties as well.

Ron Caldwell(20th January 2008 - Asheville, NC, USA)

I have been researching my family tree and have found that my family comes from several places in England. First, I am related to the Welles family of Warwickshire. Thomas, b. 1512, was the grandson of Cicely Plantagent and John Welles. My mother's family, the Allens, are related to the Wyatts of Devon, Yorkshire and Kent. The Sams family, my father's side, are traced through the Warrens of Cheshire. It would be wonderful if anyone out there is related to any of these families and I'd love to hear from any who are. thanks in advance.

Maree Schubring(9th January 2008 - Australia)

I am a descendant of John Tattam who was transported out to Australia as a convict in 1834. The Tattam name is quite common and has many variations but I am always interested in family that may still live in England. My Grandmother came from Devon and she was a Bucknell. I love your site because I can go back in time and see just how my ancestors may have lived as England has preserved her history so well. I would really like to hear from you just to see if our family 's are connected. Thanking you Maree.

Jerry L. Stonham(6th January 2008 - Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.)

My paternal grandfather James Mahlon Stonham's parents came from Sussex, and settled in Emporium, Pa., and James was born in Philadelphia, Pa. We have traced some ancestry back to the 11th century in Sussex. Would like anyone named Stonham to send any information. Thank you.

Chizzy(2nd January 2008 - UK)

Great website - especially about from where i am from Chiseldon, Wiltshire.. we also a website called www.chiseldonvillage.co.uk keep up the good work people :}

Carol Crager(31st December 2007 - auburn,indiana u.s.a.)

One of my ancestors in my family tree named william hillard born 1614 was born at arundel castle. this was great to be able to see what it looks like. thanks.

Jeff Saunders(31st December 2007 - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada)

Hi I thought I would say hello to you since we have the same name. Your site looks great and I would love to visit England some day. Im sure I have distant relatives there. Happy 2008 to you and yours Sincerely, Jeff Saunders

Barry David Rawlings(30th December 2007 - Canada)

I'm looking for Dusty & Stevie Smith of Porthtwan-Truro Cornwall. Both served with my dad at Mid. St. George during W.W.2.

Fran(28th December 2007 - Australia)

Wonderful site. I can look at all the places I have been told about by my parents.

Kathy Brown(28th December 2007 - Sequim, WA)

I came upon this site and the wonderful pictures as I researched my husband's family roots....back to Sir Thomas Browne...and then much earlier William I. Once I figure out what manors and castles were owned by the family, I will add some of the pictures your site has provided. Thank you!

Natalia(16th December 2007 - Poland)

Lovely web page. I've come across it today and I'm amazed. England is soooo beautiful with its charming thatched cottages. Best Wishes

Peter Paweletzki(14th December 2007 - Germany)

Here I have to experience the most beautiful web page found around my beautiful stays again. Thanks, further so.

Tonya Dawn(11th December 2007 - Lower U.S.)

I was born there in 1970, and I am so glad that you have this web site with all of the beautiful pictures.

David T Hanson(24th November 2007 - Minnesota USA)

While staying at the Spread Eagle Hotel in August 1977 I visited Little Haseley. While there I was taken to a farm where some caskets of lead unearthed from agricultural activity believed to be of Roman soldiers from Approx 200AD. I am interested in corresponding with someone from the area on this subject. davidt@integra.net Beautiful photographs and informative website. I hope to return again one day.

Diane Vincent(8th November 2007 - S.YORKS.ENGLAND)

The pictures of Lancaster Castle that you folks took are absolutely stunning a credit too you all.

Ian Gedge(7th November 2007)

Hi, I have been visiting and posting to the site for many months now and think it's an excellent website. I'm so pleased to see the forums, at last we can discuss things and find out a bit about one another.

Anne Rothwell(5th November 2007 - Perth, Western Australia)

I've just discovered this delightful site, and I'm thoroughly enjoying looking at the many wonderful photos of areas both familiar and unknown to me. I was last back in England two years ago, and your website serves as a reminder as to what a diverse, interesting and often beautiful country it is.

Hugh M.(18th October 2007 - Nova Scotia, Canada)

I discovered this site by accident while preparing for my first visit to England in 20 years. I have registered & will no doubt be visiting often. I'm looking forward to visiting West Yorkshire through Nov/Dec this year and renewing old friendships as well as visiting some of the old pubs I remember from my last trip (some still exist). Pictures of England has heightened my anticipation. Greetings to all from beautiful Nova Scotia.

Marilyn Doyle(13th October 2007 - Waldorf, Maryland USA)

I do miss England dearly; but I'm afraid that going back to visit will be way too much for me to handle since my dear dad (my best friend in the whole universe died suddenly on June 15, 2005) Anyone that knew Ronnie Hammond will know why I was so close to him...he was the greatest, kindest and most understanding father anyone could ever have wished for. I'm living in Maryland, USA right now, and taking care of his wife Clara that was suddenly left behind. (Mum has Alzheimers so she doesnt realize dad is gone). These are some of the most beautiful pictures of some of the places I've been to in my childhood. Maybe one day I'll be tough enough to visit home again, but right now it hurts too much. Thanks for the wonderful pictures. England is soooo unique. I love you and miss you dad.

Jo Hennessey(12th October 2007 - Herts UK)

What a fantastic site - a great way to see other places you havent visited, revisit favourite haunts as well as a great showcase for photographers like me! I have linked your site from mine! Jo www.freewebs.com/cameraclicks