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Josephine SymonsPremier Member - Click for more info
Josephine Symons
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quotePosted at 01:03 on 23rd June 2017
Hello everyone from Perth in Western Australia but originally from Auckland, NZ. I've always felt my soul belongs to England as my ancestors lived there (and France). I'm a retired professional pianist but still enjoying teaching and also love to paInt in various mediums including pastel, oil, watercolour and threads (machine thread painting) and the photos on POE are a wonderful  source of ideas and inspiration. Josephine 
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poePremier Member - Click for more info
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quotePosted at 09:56 on 23rd June 2017

Hi Josephine and a warm welcome to the forum. It's great that you get inspiration from the site. Some of the photos are simply stunning aren't they?. If you ever post any of your artwork online, don't be afraid to drop a link to it here in the forum, as I'm sure I'm not the only one here who would love to see some of it at some point.

All the best and thanks for saying hello, and a huge thanks for supporting the site by means of Premier membership.

Chris & Sarah



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Kenneth Berry
Kenneth Berry
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quotePosted at 06:14 on 16th July 2017
Hi All, What a lovely site you have Josephine. Also a lovely Town. I am in Christchurch with my wife, living in a Retirement Home, Town House. It is called Anthony Wilding. It is named after him. In real life he came out to New Zealand with his parents. He was a very bright young man and a great sportsman. He became a Lawyer, travelled numerous times to the UK and Europe and probably he was a little like James Bond. In England Winston Churchill took him under his wing, after they had met. Before WW1 he won the Wimbledon Singles Championship 3 times. In some of the books about him Churchill was involved in him becoming a Navel Officcer. WW1 had started and he had quite a large car of his own. which Churchill had a fairly large gun fiited to it. Also 2 Army NCO's became his companions and gun crew. He went to the Western Front arrived at the front line and was just entering the Officers dugout. When a German Shell landed on its roof and killed all 3. There has never been any other information issued about the final event. Sorry for rambling on a bit. I am actually from Liverpool and was at sea for a few years. Met my wife when she was a passenger on a ship called the R.M.S. Rangitane. Her big O.E. was also to visit her dad and his brothers grave. They were in the RNZAF. Dad killed at Turnberry, Scotland and buried in the Dubure Cemetery. Ashley a pilot after the War at Salisbuy in an Air Collision. He had joined the R.A.F.  Will close for now and lookng forward to your web site. Best Regards To One And All. Rita & Ken
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