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Andreas LindbergPremier Member - Click for more info
Andreas Lindberg
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quotePosted at 21:13 on 3rd July 2017
Is there a way to enable inline posting or multi-quoting in the forums?
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poePremier Member - Click for more info
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quotePosted at 09:36 on 4th July 2017
Sorry Andreas, not currently there isn't.
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Edward Lever
Edward Lever
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quotePosted at 11:09 on 14th July 2017

On those rare occasions when I receive a comment on any of my pictures, there doesn't seem to be a satisfactory way of replying to the comment. Of course I could add another comment of my own, but this requires that  I assign a star rating to my own work. I think this requirement is flawed, since you really shouldn't be obliged to rate your own work.

Usually, I get round this by assigning the lowest rating to my photo when replying, but this means the comment does not register in the 'Latest Comments' link in the main page. It would be helpful if there was a means of replying to comments without the embarrassment of assigning a star rating.

On the more general point of comments, people seem reluctant to comment except in the most anodyne of terms. I welcome any comments on my images in the pursuit of better photography. They don't all have to be complimentary comments but hopefully not abusive ones.

Edited by: Edward Lever at:14th July 2017 14:22
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