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Best choice of pixel resolution for upload to PoE ?

Edward Lever
Edward Lever
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quotePosted at 17:47 on 28th December 2018

The current limit on the file size of uploads to PoE is 8 MB, with no specific recommendations on the pixel size of the image. This can be a little confusing since the actual file size is determined by both the pixel dimensions and the degree of JPG compression applied to the image.

Printed images (which most purchasers require as the finished product) will usually be printed at 300 dpi, meaning that a pixel count of 3000 x 2400 will suffice for a printed 10 x 8 inch image. I notice many users are uploading their images at much greater pixel counts than this, which can only be squeezed into the 8 MB file size by applying strong JPG compression.

My own feeling is that purchasers of images do not need huge pixel sized images and would prefer images with minimal JPG compression to yield results of better clarity than a heavily compressed image. Any thoughts of members on the matter would be appreciated. 


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