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Ticks and Lyme Disease

Ron Brind
Ron Brind
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quotePosted at 07:47 on 24th March 2016

Should I see my Doctor.....the short answer is yes, because these little blighters need to be removed properly!

During early signs of Lyme disease you may see a reddish round rash (erythema migrans) in the area of the bite.

The rash starts three to thirty days later and symptoms may resemble influenza (flu) with swollen glands near the site. Mild headaches, aching muscles, joints and tiredness are all additional symptoms. If left untreated the disease can develop over months and even years, when eventually facial muscle weakness and meningitis-like symptoms and/or arthritis symptoms can occur.

Lyme disease is treatable with antibiotics and the earlier it is diagnosed the better.

Be alert, check yourselves the kids and the dogs after that walk across the fields!

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